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Emily McMillan After graduating with a master's in teaching, I realized that I wasn't quite ready to leave video games and their soundtracks behind. I've been keeping in touch with the video game music world from Texas by working with VGMO and updating my own YouTube cover channel. I love the feeling that comes with the discovery of a brand new soundtrack, and always look forward to the next rekindling of that excitement. Along with teaching and writing, I also enjoy listening to film scores, classical music, and playing pretty much any RPG you can name.

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Get Even Original Soundtrack

July 24, 2017 by Emily McMillan

  Album Title: Get Even Original Soundtrack Record Label: Ameo Publishing Catalog No.: N/A Release Date: May 26, 2017 Purchase:

Nex Machina soundtrack now available

June 21, 2017 by Emily McMillan

The soundtrack to Housemarque’s latest game Nex Machina was released on major storefronts today. Nex Machina was primarily composed by Ari Pulkkinen, known

Laced Records releases Yooka-Laylee vinyl

June 12, 2017 by Emily McMillan

Laced Records has officially released the much-anticipated vinyl edition of Yooka-Laylee Original Soundtrack, composed by Grant Kirkhope, David Wise, and Steve Burke.

Horizon Zero Dawn Original Soundtrack

June 10, 2017 by Emily McMillan

  Album Title: Horizon Zero Dawn Original Soundtrack Record Label: Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe Catalog No.: N/A Release Date: March

Johto Legends Kickstarter reaches goal

June 2, 2017 by Emily McMillan

Over the last few weeks, Johto Legends, an orchestral arrange Pokemon project, has been underway on Kickstarter.  The project is run by

Rob Zahn Interview: Serial Composition

June 2, 2017 by Emily McMillan

Rob Zahn recently contributed to the score to Serial Cleaner, a game whose premise revolves around cleaning up after murder scenes

Giveaway Friday: Immortal Redneck

May 26, 2017 by Emily McMillan

Some weeks, we’ll be giving away digital editions of excellent albums to site visitors. However, only a handful of copies

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