Our Team

I’d like to thank the numerous people who have helped the site grow into what it is today. I appreciate everyone who has played a part, whether it be providing information, contributing reviews, making forum posts, or simply visiting. Please contact us if you would like to become a regular reviewer or translator at the site. Translation roles are fully reimbursed and reviewer roles are rewarded with evaluation copies.

Site Leaders

Name Location Joined Role
Chris Greening Australia / UK 2002 Editor-in-Chief, Site Leader
Emily McMillan Texas 2014 Editor-in-Chief, Western Coverage Leader
Don Kotowski New York 2006 Japanese Coverage Leader
Christopher Huynh Ontario 2014 Features Leader

Senior Editors

Name Location Joined Role
Oliver Jia Pennsylvania 2012 Japanese Coverage Editor
Simon Elchlepp Australia / Germany 2010 Western Coverage Editor
KT Wong Singapore 2015 Western Coverage Editor
Apply Now To Be Appointed 2015 Classic Coverage Editor
Joe Hammond UK 2010 Features Editor
Ben Schweitzer Massachusetts 2010 Translation & Localisation Editor
Gerardo Iuliani Venezuela 2012 Translation & Localisation Editor
Tomoko Akaboshi New York 2015 Translation & Localisation Editor


For a list of all people who have contributed to the site, check this page. Our current casual contributors are listed below:

Name Location Joined Role
Bryan Matheny Ohio 2006 Reviews
Marc Friedman New York 2010 Reviews, Translations
Harris Iqbal UK / Hong Kong 2010 News, Reviews, Interviews
Matt Diener California 2010 Reviews, Interviews
Josh Barron Indiana 2011 Reviews
Julius Acero California 2012 Reviews, Interviews
Christian Loescher Ohio 2012 Reviews
Kimberly Singh Ontario 2012 Reviews
Ario Barzan Boston 2014 Features, Reviews
Marc Chait New Jersey 2014 Reviews
Patrick Kulikowski New Jersey 2014 Features Editor

Patreon Supporters

Thank you to the following people who areĀ supporting us financially through our Patreon, which has led to our site being able to continue sharing translated interviews and liner notes from Japanese composers and albums, as well as providing review copies to our writers and even reimbursement for coverage of larger gaming and game music events.

Brett Elston
Caroline Swords
Chris Hayman
Dark Phoenix
Jean-Marc Griffin
Joe C.
Josh Whelchel
Matti Asikainen
Matias Autio
Michael J. Hughes
Nikolas Broman
Stephen Burkett
Supermassive Quazar

Special Thanks

Many thanks to everyone listed above for their amazing contributions. I’d like to give an additional thanks to all staff who have taken a hands-on role in editing the site over the years, especially Simon Elchlepp, Don Kotowski, Dave Valentine, Harry Simons, Eduardo Friedman, Marc Friedman, Shota Nakama, Andre Marentette, Luc Nadeau, Sophia Tong, and Andrew Oldenkamp. Thanks also to all those who also helped to build a wonderful community at Game Music Online and its predecessor. The success of the site is a testament to the strength and dedication of its community.

Thank you to all other webmasters and contributors out there who have built up other resources dedicated to game music. Everyone’s contributions have helped to give game music the recognition it deserves and many contributions have served as a direct inspiration for me. Finally, thank you to numerous game composers, fan arrangers, album manufacturers, game companies, and concert producers for enthusiastically supporting the site over the years. It’s been quite a ride and everyone mentioned on this page, as well as numerous others, have made it a worthwhile one.

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