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Industry Requests

Game Music Online is receptive to communications from industry musicians, game developers, and record labels. We’re happy to publicise relevant press releases, review evaluation copies, and consider interview requests. Opportunities for commercial banner advertisements are also available. If you are an industry member interesting in organising coverage for the site, please contact the editor-in-chief directly through the email address chris [at] vgmonline [dot] net

Contributor Submissions

As a community-driven site, Game Music Online welcomes submissions from our visitors. There are options to submit reviews, concert reports, editorials, and liner notes translations. To accept an article for submission, we expect certain standards to be met; we want all the articles we post to be professional, accurate, concise, fair, and polished. To submit an article or for more information, please contact the webmaster directly through the email address chris [at] vgmonline [dot] net There are also options available for trusted, reliable reviewers to receive evaluation copies and become staff members.

General Communications

We love to hear from our visitors so please feel free to contact us through the email address above. Please note, due to the webmaster’s various commitments, we will not be able to respond to all emails. This particularly includes those that are not directly relevant to the site and could be answered elsewhere. The comments section of the site is also an excellent place to make discussion and receive feedback. However, we always appreciate fan comments and suggestions about the site.

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