Rainblocks EP

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Rainblocks EP
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September 2, 2015
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Rainblocks EP is a free-to-download three-track EP released by Brave Wave dedicated to the soundtrack to a free-to-play indie puzzle game of the same name. It features two brand new compositions by Mega Man‘s Manami Matsumae together with a bonus remix.


While the game’s puzzle-based action is quite intense, Manami Matsumae’s soundtrack proves the polar opposite. It somehow works in context, with the soundtrack soothing and subtly energising listeners as they progress through the game. “Rainy Blocks”, for example, is a simple piece focusing on typical muzak elements like soothing synthpads, tuned percussion, and electric piano. In fact, in many ways it is quite reminiscent of the pieces created for the Wii and Wii U.

But despite this, “Rainy Days” still manages to be quite appealing even on a stand-alone basis. It’s the type of composition that leaves little impression at first, but quickly grows on you with repeated listens. Whether its dynamic mix, rhythmical impetus, or subtly catchy undertones, there’s a lot to like about this tune. The second original composition, “Midnight Breeze”, incorporates the same elements into an even softer, slower mix. While simple, it somehow never grows too repetitive and proves a great track to relax to.

The final track on the album is a remix of “Rainy Days” from OverClocked ReMix veteran and indie composer Benjamin Briggs. It’s a stunning remix, bringing the once subtle melodies and countermelodies of the original to the foreront, while introducing chiptune and funk elements. It’s clear from this remix that Briggs carefully studied all the elements of the original to make the most of them. By doing so, he not only created a satisfying remix, but also increased my appreciation and understanding of the original.


Being so short and humble, Rainblocks EP isn’t completely satisfying. However, it has such irresistible charm and replay value that it’s still a worthwhile addition to one’s collection. Better still, Rainblocks EP is available on a name-your-price basis so there is no reason not to pick up.

Rainblocks EP Chris Greening

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Posted on January 13, 2016 by Chris Greening. Last modified on January 13, 2016.

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