Podcast Episode 5: The Music of Dragon Quest I-IV

Episode 5: The Music of Dragon Quest I-IV features Simon Elchlepp, Oliver Jia, and Joe Hammond as they talk about the music of Dragon Quest.

This episode delves into discussions of the compositions from the first title to the fourth while exploring the different arrangements of the themes, all composed by Koichi Sugiyama.
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The VGMO Podcast

Episode 5: The Music of Dragon Quest I-IV

Simon Elchlepp
Oliver Jia
Joe Hammond

Renzo G. Heredia

Emily McMillan

Track Credits:
Dragon Quest I – Koichi Sugiyama
“Overture” (NES)
“Overture” (Symphonic Suite)
“Overture” (SNES)
“Overture” (GBC)
“Underworld Level 1” (NES)
“Dungeon” (Symphonic Suite)
Dragon Quest II – Koichi Sugiyama
“Royal Palace” (NES)
“Chateau” (Symphonic Suite)
“A Lonely Youth – Overworld” (NES)
“Endless World” (Symphonic Suite)
Dragon Quest III – Koichi Sugiyama
“Jipang” (NES)
“Around the World” (Symphonic Suite)
“Ramia’s Flight” (NES)
“Heavenly Flight” (Symphonic Suite)
“Into The Legend” (NES)
“Into The Legend” (Symphonic Suite)
Dragon Quest IV – Koichi Sugiyama
“Gypsy’s Dance” (NES)
“Comrades” (Symphonic Suite)

“Battle for the Glory” (NES)
“Battle for the Glory” (Symphonic Suite)


Posted on June 19, 2016 by Renzo G. Heredia. Last modified on January 5, 2017.

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I currently work as a composer and sound designer for indie games in the Boston area, having just graduated from Berklee College of Music. Video games have been such an important part of my childhood, and I am very excited to take a look into today's soundtracks for you to explore in depth.

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