Fantasia -Music Evolved- Original Soundtrack Director’s Cut

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Fantasia -Music Evolved Original- Soundtrack Director’s Cut
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Sumthing Else Music Works
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October 21, 2014
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Fantasia: Music Evolved is Harmonix’s latest music game, developed for the Xbox 360 and Xbox One, making use of the Kinect’s capabilities to integrate the player into the music experience. The game allows the player to mix together different remixes of pop and classical music with their movements and choices. The Director’s Cut soundtrack contains the original score primarily composed by Inon Zur and the classical music tracks from the standard soundtrack, as well as a few more original score works and the remixes of the classical songs. Although exclusively available digitally, Director’s Cut album is the definitive version of the soundtrack, placing Zur’s magical compositions alongside classical favourites and their stellar remixes into a content packed album of great value.


The first 24 tracks of the Director’s Cut of the album are the complete standard album. These tracks include most of Zur’s original score, featuring a short 6-note motif that pervades most of the score with many variations and moods. Zur is no slacker in his composition and harmony, showing in his original work which is mature and magical. The disc also contains some stage themes, which all include some interesting twists in their dynamic atmospheres and instrumentation. Lastly, a handful of recognizable classical works are present, in keeping with the Fantasia roots. All of these are played very well by the likes of the London Symphony Orchestra, and other professional music ensemble, and make for a magical and cohesive score.

Exclusive to the Director’s Cut of the album are the remixes of the classical pieces present in the games. Each work gets two mixes each from different remixers, bringing a lot of variety to the album. They all offer very different takes on their respective tracks, and often mix together interesting acoustic and synthetic elements with sound effects to make a fresh sound that captures the spirit of the game. Mozart’s “Eine Kleine Nachtmusik” gets a beach remix with a fun combination of tropical marimba sounds with some classic game sound effects and synths, while “Nutcracker Suite (D00 Bah D00)” has a perplexing, ever-morphing mix of industrial funk, country rock, and ragtime. “Winter (Alt Rock)” is anything but typical rock remix fare, starting off laid-back, then seamlessly integrating the elegant violin parts with the shredding electric guitar. Both of the “Night in Bald Mountain” remixes are exciting and epic electronic in style with plenty of chiptune and rock twists with neat tempo shifts. “New World Symphony” has a delightful big band rendition, as well as a faithful chiptune demake. Zur’s main “Fantasia” theme also gets remixes, both leaning on the rock side of things. Really great work all around in all of the remixes, and they are easily the highlights of the package.

Also present in the Director’s Cut are the remaining original score stage background pieces, and are by no means the rejects of the set. “The Shadows” has sparse, high piano trickles and some strings above a constant low rumbling that gives a feeling of tranquility with an awareness of something darker lurking. “The Haven” is another sparse track with light elements, but this one is much more bright (aside from a short ominous interlude in the middle) and becomes beautifully expansive with strings and light percussion as the track moves on. “The Neighborhood” is a funky and brassy work, while “The Plant” is a more straightforward piece with plenty of charm, and “The Cosmos” is a great electronic piece with a good driving beat. They are a bit more diverse in style and instrumentation than the standard soundtrack counterparts, and round off the package nicely.


Fantasia: Music Evolved (Director’s Cut) is a stellar package with great value. On top of the classical music segments, Inon Zur’s playful and well-developed main theme, and the evocative stage themes of the original album, the Director’s Cut also comes with a plethora of remixes of the classical music pieces, as well as more of the original score. The new score material is more in the vein of the great material presented on the standard album, while the remixes cover a wide range of styles, each of which is interesting and very well-executed. There is plenty of material here that, while stylistically very different from the standard package, really compliments and accentuates the original work. All throughout there is a wonderful mixing of different musical elements, which likely would not have worked as well in other hands. Anyone interested in the soundtrack should not miss out on the Director’s Cut package, especially since it comes at no extra cost above the standard edition.

Fantasia -Music Evolved- Original Soundtrack Director’s Cut Christopher Huynh

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Posted on December 6, 2014 by Christopher Huynh. Last modified on December 26, 2014.

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  1. Marc Chait says:

    This is very well written! I should really give the Director’s Cut a listen! Looking forward to your next review, Christopher!

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