Wayô Records Announces Grandia Memorial Soundtrack

Last week, videogame music label Wayô Records announced plans to release a new physical edition of Grandia’s soundtrack via Twitter. Titled Grandia Memorial Soundtrack, this set will be available in either CD or vinyl format, spanning four CD’s (or two LP’s) worth of music from the classic JRPG. Both sets will feature an additional CD or LP, titled Vent – Grandia Arrange Album, which will featuring fresh arrangements by Grandia composer Noriyuki Iwadare.

Grandia Memorial Soundtrack will be available in a variety of editions as well as formats, and may potentially come with different bonuses. The vinyl set will come in one of two editions: a regular edition in “Regular Mint Green”, or a  limited edition in “Saturn Marble Green”. The first 500 copies of the limited edition vinyl will come with a “collectable shikishi” and piano sheet music, while a limited number of CD sets (first 250 according to the product page, first 500 according to the image above) will feature a “collectable mini-shikishi”.

Finally, Wayô Records’ announcement included the reveal of a limited-supply Grandia Music Box. Only 250 of these music boxes will be made, and each will play the Grandia main theme and come bundled with sheet music featuring Noriyuki Iwadare’s autograph.

Grandia Memorial Soundtrack has a current release window of “Summer 2020”. The CD set will sell for 30,00 € and can be preordered here. The regular vinyl edition will sell for 60,00 € and can be preordered here, or you can preorder the limited edition vinyl for 67,20 € here. The Grandia Music Box, also slated for “Summer 2020”, will sell for a whopping 252,00 € and can be preordered here.

Posted on June 1, 2020 by Reilly Farrell. Last modified on June 1, 2020.

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Reilly Farrell is one part Bay Area electronic composer and one part capybara fanatic. He loves video game music and rodents of unusual size and wants the world to know how great they both are. Personal favorite soundtracks include The Legend of Zelda, The Legend of Legacy, The Legend of Dragoon, The Legend of Mana, and Katamari Damacy - which is also legendary. Drop a line anytime!

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