Soundshock 3 released… and it’s free!

Earlier today, award-winning chiptune record label Ubiktune released Soundshock 3: FM Funk Nirvana!! This album will be the final instalment of the FM Funk trilogy of albums, which are multi-artist albums that hybridise funk styles with FM synthesizers.

FM Funk Nirvana!! features 16 new tracks, 19 international musicians, and 17 different hardware and software FM synthesizers. The album combines the talents of several veterans of the series, including Keishi Yonao, Simon Stålenhag, Extent of the Jam (Louis G), bacter and Bomb Boy, with scene newcomers such as stinkbug and Chimeratio. Full track listings are below:

1. Keishi Yonao – Modulationarism (Gear: FMP7)
2. zabutom – virtual adventures (Gear: Nord Micro Modular, Ableton Operator, VOPM)
3. linde – Pigeons Rule (Gear: VGM Music Maker)
4. Extent of the Jam – Hollow Summer (Gear: AdLib, VOPM)
5. tenfour – CAVE BOUNCER (Gear: FM8)
6. Chimeratio – Escape From the Lab (Gear: DX10, OPL3)
7. ahlnold – uchuu rider (Gear: TX7, TX81Z)
8. Shnabubula – Zithro to the Max (Gear: FMDrive, Octopus)
9. Simon Stålenhag – The Lacustrine Beat Machine (Gear: FM7)
10. stinkbug – taiga (Gear: FM8)
11. cTrix – Bass Driven (Gear: Sega Genesis)
12. naruto, Aya Futatsuki & BouKiCHi – Modulation to Move the Mind (Gear: VOPM, VST2413)
13. zinger & Lunchquake – Shuffle On (Gear: FM8, VOPM)
14. Ryu Takami – Q.C.T.L. (Gear: FM8)
15. Bomb Boy – Cascade Cave Zone, Act 1 and 2 (Gear: PX7, Thor)
16. bacter – missed (Gear: FM8)

The album can be purchased on a name-your-price basis on Bandcamp now. Check out our reviews of the first and second instalments of the series for an insight into what you might expect from the album.

Posted on January 8, 2017 by Chris Greening. Last modified on January 8, 2017.

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