METAL SIGHT X68000 ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK -30th Anniversary Complete Edition-


Album Title:
METAL SIGHT X68000 ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK -30th Anniversary Complete Edition-
Record Label:
Cold Nerve
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Release Date:
February 15, 2020
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The METAL SIGHT X68000 ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK -30th Anniversary Complete Edition- is the first release from Keishi Yonao’s newly established label, Cold Nerve. It is the first physical release of the soundtrack and contains both the FM sound source version as well as the Roland MT-32 MIDI sound source and contains compositions by Keishi Yonao as well as Izuru Aki & Team M.I.E. In addition, it contains bonus arrangements by Keishi Yonao, hasu, Go Sato, and Luna Umegaki.


The album opens with “Last Period,” a catchy tune with an energetic and adventurous tone that ends up being quite varied in progression, starting off slow and moody while becoming more intense as it continues. “Into the Shadow” features another catchy melody with a more mysterious, yet energetic, accompaniment. The end result is somewhat of a serious sound. “Wind of Wildness” blends bubbly synths with jazzy chords and funk. It has a very playful sound to it, and the bass work accentuates the memorable melody. In addition, there is a fantastic solo and a vibrant B section worth pointing out. “Perpetual Road” features intricate bass work with a heroic and catchy melody and also sports a vibrant B section as well as an excellent solo as the track progresses. Meanwhile, “Darkness the Legend” has a funky accompaniment that complements the inspiring melody quite nicely. “The Cold Nerve,” the inspiration for the label’s name, has a determined melody. THe accompaniment isn’t particularly noteworthy, but it does push the track along. The melody itself is energetic, but where it truly shines is in the B section. Another heroic melody comes in the form of “The Light Arrow Shot Through the Dark.” The opening is rather tense, but is countered with the heroic melody and its excellent progression. It’s a super memorable tune and a highlight of the album. “Fire of Black” also featuers quite a strong melody, although the opening does wear out its welcome. The accompaniment to the tune is super groovy and gives off an action-y sound. The B section is also worth noting with its bubbly demeanor. “Rialize of the Dream” is certainly a conclusory tune with its bubbly and happy melody and dreamy soundscape that is accentuated by the soft, warm tones of the synthesizer.

When it comes to the bonus arrangements featured on the album, they are split on each disc. On the FM sound source disc, the arrangements take a more synth rock approach. “Last Period (Arr),” by hasu, blends FM synthesizer with drums, electric guitar, and bass. The melody itself utilizes both synthesizer and electric guitar and the keyboard and guitar solos are welcome additions. The overall tune certainly feels enhanced with this arrangement. “Into the Shadow (Arr),” a collaboration between hasu and Keishi Yonao, features plenty of synth leads and slap bass. It’s an enhanced version of the original, but doesn’t stand out as much compared to the other arrangements. “The Cold Nerve (Arr),” arranged by Go Sato, takes the synth rock approach and brings a lot of energy to the mix and features a fun synth solo. Overall, it’s a great enhancement of the original. Luna Umegaki’s arrangements, on the other hand, are tonally very different. “La vigilia della tempesta (Last Period x Into the Shadow)” utilizes piano, drumpad, and a melodion-like instrument to create an extremely chill and beautiful soundscape, bringing softness to the original work. “Everlasting Period (Last Period)” is a piano arrangement with a jazzy tone. It is a fun arrangement and a beautiful interpretation. Lastly, “Metallic Doom (Into the Shadow)” is largely a piano ararngement.. The opening has a mysteriousness to it and is a bit contemplative. In addition to the piano, there is also some light strings accompaniment that accentuates the atmosphere and complements the sadness that is present in this rendition.


Overall, Cold Nerve’s first release, METAL SIGHT X68000 ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK -30th Anniversary Complete Edition-, successfully celebrates the 30th anniversary since the release of Metal Sight. Featuring both sound sources that the game has had in its history as well as bonus arrangements that enhance and/or alter the tone of the original, it offers plenty for fans of retro chiptune and MIDI music. Fans of Keishi Yonao’s works who may not be aware of his earlier career work might want to pick this up.

METAL SIGHT X68000 ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK -30th Anniversary Complete Edition- Don Kotowski

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