Podcast Episode 1: The Sound of Games

Episode 1: The Sound of Games features Markus, Simon, and KT as they talk about some of their favorite lesser-known game scores over the course of game music history.  The games they discuss include Gaplus, Mystic Quest, Xenosaga Episode II, EverQuest II, and the tracks range from chiptunes to full orchestral scores. Email us at podcast@vgmonline.net or tweet at us (@V_G_M_O) with #vgmopodcast for questions, comments, or suggestions!

The VGMO Podcast

Episode 1: The Sound of Games podcast

Markus Knabe-Roth
KT Wong
Simon Elchlepp

Emily McMillan
Renzo G. Heredia

Emily McMillan

Track Credits:
“Scrolling Stage,” Gaplus, Junko Ozawa (1984)
“Endless Battlefield,” Final Fantasy Adventure, Kenji Ito (1991)
“Fatal Fight (Jin & Margulis),” Xenosaga Episode II, Yuki Kajiura (2004)
“Character Creation,” EverQuest II, Laura Karpman (2003)
“Oblivious Past,” Alien Soldier, Kazuo Hanzawa (1995)
“The Plain and the Sky,” Suikoden Tierkreis, Norikazu Miura (2009)

Opening Theme:
“Stage 5,” Why Does it Spin?, Markus Knabe-Roth (2014)


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After graduating with a master's in teaching, I realized that I wasn't quite ready to leave video games and their soundtracks behind. I've been keeping in touch with the video game music world from Texas by working with VGMO and updating my own YouTube cover channel. I love the feeling that comes with the discovery of a brand new soundtrack, and always look forward to the next rekindling of that excitement. Along with teaching and writing, I also enjoy listening to film scores, classical music, and playing pretty much any RPG you can name.

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