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HORGIHUGH Original Sound Track
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November 9, 2018
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The HORGIHUGH Original Sound Track, the first release from record label Pixel, chronicles the soundtrack for the mobile and PC shmup, HORGIHUGH. Composed by Motoaki Furukawa, known for previous works such as Salamander and Gradius, among others, it has a decidedly retro feel to it. Is the end result an instant classic?


The album opens with “Starting of HORGIHUGH,” instantly bringing the listener back to the days of the early arcade shmup soundtracks. There is tension, it’s synthy, has some heroic fanfare, and has a memorable melody, but it sounds as if the mix is slightly off. “Blue blue wind,” the first stage theme, is bright and breezy with chimes, a strong and catchy synth melody supported by chimes and cheery piano. It’s a strong contender on the album. At the end of the soundtrack there is a bonus version of this tune that featured live guitar, played by Furukawa, that is a fantastic interpretation and makes me wish the entire soundtrack got some aspect of live guitar. The second stage theme, “Running through the night” is more subdued in tempo and features a catchy synth melody with pop drums and slap bass. It’s a cheery song that sports a classic sound. “Blizzard,” the third stage theme, features crystalline tones and synths that support an invigorating melody, both bright and catchy, and a generally icy soundscape. It’s an extremely memorable tune.

A bit more intense, at least in accompaniment, is “Superplume,” the fourth stage theme. Atop rock drums is an energetic and bubbly synth melody that’s quite enjoyable, but tune itself is more repetitive than the other tunes and lacks solid development. The fifth stage,” Advance with courage!” boasts a determined sound full of synth and piano that brings the heroic, memorable, and motivating melody to life. The last stage, “An intruder full of love” blends sinister tones with a more inspiring melody, creating an interesting juxtaposition that manages to succeed. The boss theme, “Smash you,” has an intense accompaniment with an energetic and determined sound with notes of tension. The end result is certainly a step above boss themes from the early shmup era. The shop theme, “Shopping Samba,” done in a samba style, features a bubbly melody played by synthesized horns, but is another repetitive and underdeveloped tune. Lastly, “Walk to the future,” the ending theme, has a pop sound with a joyous tone with a warm and inviting synth melody. The end result is quite memorable.


While not without its flaws, the HORGIHUGH Original Sound Track is definitely a homage to the shmup era in which Furukawa started his career, albeit with a shiny new paint job. Many of the tunes are quite memorable, although some suffer from a lack of development. Fans of Furukawa’s work might want to look into this soundtrack, although the price tag is a bit steep for the amount of music featured on the album.

HORGIHUGH Original Sound Track Don Kotowski

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Posted on January 11, 2019 by Don Kotowski. Last modified on January 11, 2019.


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