Protect Me Knight -The Princess’ Tokimeki Rhapsody- Soundtrack Vol. 2

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Protect Me Knight -The Princess’ Tokimeki Rhapsody- Soundtrack Vol. 2
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Sweep Record
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June 18, 2016
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The Protect Me Knight -The Princess’ Tokimeki Rhapsody- Soundtrack Vol. 2, recently released by Supersweep, contains the soundtrack to the first game in the Protect Me Knight series, recently renamed and re-released as Gotta Protectors! for the Nintendo 3DS and composed by Yuzo Koshiro.  In addition, the music from the second game returns with different sound sources, including FM, in full, and GB, although in a much smaller capacity (which I presume stands for Gameboy based on the sound). Is this worth picking up for the additional sound sources as well as the original soundtrack to the first game in the series?


Although found on the second disc, the soundtrack to the first game is what the majority of the review will focus on. The opening tune, “Mamotte Knight with Everyone” is a funky, disco-styled vocal theme featuring the ever catchy main theme, “Go! Mamotte Knight!” with a big band influence at times and a fun performance overall. There are also karaoke, TV size, and OPN versions. “Mamotte Knight Theme” is an upbeat and adventurous tune with a very memorable melody that helps show off its retro flair.

Likewise, “With Hands Joined” is an upbeat and celebratory tune with a nice melody as is “With Joy and Sadness.” “Major Cleanup at Midnight” is a bit mysterious and spooky in tone but does feature a fun melody while “Blind Fugitive” is more baroque in style, and is reminiscent of something that might be heard in a Castlevania game. The melody itself is also top notch. “Pursuer” is an action oriented tune with a fast tempo with the melody a bit lacking, but with high tension while “DEFEAT F$%KIN’ EVILS” has a very Megaman-esque sound but with a tenser atmosphere and less melodically focused. Lastly, “I Want to Do It as Much as I Can” is a great melodic tune with a victorious vibe and one that is bright and vibrant in approach.

As I covered the actual contents of the second game in the series in a previous review, I won’t be touching upon the contents in detail. Those can be found in my previous review. As for the various sound source renditions, I find that the FM synth is an excellent rendition of the soundtrack and is certainly worth hearing. The Gameboy sound source renditions are also quite nice, but only cover some of the fan favorites, such as Hosoe’s “Bon! Voyage,” Furukawa’s “Oort Cloud,” OGR’s “Retro-Nitro-Girl,” Hiro’s “Endless Squall,” and Koshiro’s “Go! Mamotte Knight!” In addition, there are also some other renditions of some of the tunes, like “Oort Cloud (Extra Version),” featuring a much heavier FM sound compared to its FM counterpart already on the album and an MKIII rendition of Hiro’s “Everyone Run!”


In the end, I do think that the Protect Me Knight -The Princess’ Tokimeki Rhapsody- Vol. 2 is worth a purchase, even if you already own the first volume. The new sound sources for the second game offer a different coat of paint, but one that is equally enjoyable. As for the new music, it’s overall fairly strong, with some tunes lacking the strong melodies the sequel had. In the end, fans of the first volume should feel right at home with the second volume.


Protect Me Knight -The Princess’ Tokimeki Rhapsody- Soundtrack Vol. 2 Don Kotowski

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Posted on July 19, 2016 by Don Kotowski. Last modified on July 20, 2016.

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