Vectros Soundtrack (Digital Edition)

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Vectros Soundtrack (Digital Edition)
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October 31, 2012
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The iOS shooting game Vectros was composed by ex-Taito composer and Darius legend Hisayoshi Ogura (aka OguraHisayoshiOngaSeisakushow). It is his first soundtrack in years. The soundtrack for the title was previously released digitally as a single 12 minute medley, but a physical SuperSweep release of the soundtrack now takes its place. Is it worth it?


The digital soundtrack just features a single medley called “Silent Errors”, featuring the three main pieces from the album. The main theme, “SiLent ErRors -Theme-” (yes, that’s how it’s capitalised) is definitely one of Ogura’s best. It’s a fantastic mix of lo-fi sound and modern electronic beats full of vigor, robotic vocal samples, and spacy harmonies. While it isn’t the most melodic, those melodic sections really do manage to hook the listener in. It definitely reminds of his excellent themes for the Darius series.

The second theme in the medley, “Go ahEad -Core-” also features a heavy focus on lo-fi sounds and modern electronic beats and gives off the impression of a tense battle. However, what I really enjoy most about this theme is the interplay between these intense sections and the beautifully ethereal bridges that help ease some of the tension.

“SociAl ErRors -Van Allen Belt-” is an interesting theme as it is quite different from the rest of the game’s soundtrack. Rather than feature an intense electronic sound, it opts for a more ambient sound, reminiscent of G-Darius. It is futuristic, with hints of beauty, all while portraying a sinister, unnerving atmosphere.


The medley showcases Ogura’s ability to craft interesting combinations of sounds as well as give a nice throwback to his Taito days. While these tracks cover most of the original content of the album, the physical SuperSweep album features quite a bit more content. There are three more original tracks, one a reprise of the main theme, the other sound effects-related. There are also some excellent remixes from Zunba Kobayashi, Takahiro Eguchi, and Shinji Hosoe, as well as nice packaging. One factor to consider is price and availability. Whereas this digital album is available for 3 USD worldwide, the physical album is priced at around 10 USD. I personally think the physical release is still worth it, but casual listeners might wish to stick with this medley.

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