The World Ends With You -Crossover-

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The World Ends With You -Crossover-
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Square Enix
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September 20, 2012
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The World Ends With You – Crossover contains 10 tracks that include new tracks for the iOS port of the game, The World Ends With You -Solo Remix-, remixed tracks for Kingdom Hearts 3D (Dream Drop Distance), as well as original remixes for this album. All of the tracks are composed and arranged by Takeharu Ishimoto.


It was a great news for fans of The World Ends With You (TWEWY) when Square Enix announced that characters from TWEWY would be making an appearance in Kingdom Hearts 3D. Not only did TWEWY fans get to see their beloved characters fully rendered in 3D and interact with other Tetsuya Nomura’s creations in Kingdom Hearts, but they are also treated to three newly remixed tracks by Ishimoto as well. The three tracks selected to be used in Kingdom Hearts 3D are “Twister”, “Calling”, and “Someday”. All three tracks have lusher instrumentation, thanks to the better hardware of 3DS, and they feature new vocals from different singers too.

“Twister -KINGDOM MIX-“ is significantly extended from the original track, and the new instrumentation further liven up the track, especially with the addition of the trumpet. While the new instrumentation of “Calling -KINGDOM MIX-“ makes the track sound more elaborate, it also threatens to drown out the new vocals by Olivia at times. The arrangement of “Someday -KINGDOM MIX-“ reduced the tempo of the original track notably and completely change the vibe of the song. Those who like the original track may find the new arrangement polarizing, but personally I enjoy the Kingdom Mix more than the original.

There are four new tracks in the album composed for the iOS port of the game, The World Ends With You -Solo Remix-. Solo Remix was a great port that enhanced the original game with the touch screen of iPhone, but unfortunately the game had been taken down from Apple store as of the time of writing due to issues with the new operating system. “Jump Over Yourself” is a mellow rock track with lyrics mixed in English and Japanese, but the angst in the words is evident even just through the few English lines: “I’ve got this under control, so just shut your mouth up”. “TATAKAI”, which I believe means battle in Japanese, is another moody rock track featuring piercing vocals from Stephanie with lyrics like: “I’m not here to be perfect and pretty, I’d rather be the villain”.

“Run Away”, the highlight of the album, is the track that replaces “Lullaby for You” as the ending theme in Solo Remix. Unlike most other songs in TWEWY, “Run Away” is an uplifting song with simple yet heartfelt lyrics. The gradual progression of the track from a soft flowing ballad to an intense rhythmic piece makes the song a satisfying listening experience. During the climactic part, dropping out all the instruments and just let Stephanie’s powerful vocal shine with the line: “Oh beautiful sky brightened with glee smilin’ on me” is a brilliant touch that created a thrilling moment that will stay with the listeners. “MMM:001/The World Ends With You” is an intriguing track with many abrupt rhythmic transitions. The unpredictable shift in rhythmic patterns and vocals layering keep the listeners in suspense throughout the track.

Lastly, there are three remixed tracks specific to this album. “Twister -KINGDOM REMIX-“, based on “Twister -KINGDOM MIX-“, was able to highlight the catchy instrumentation and bring certain secondary parts in the original to the foreground with the new arrangement. “DTM -Crossover-“ is a remix track that combines “Déjà vu”, “Three Minutes Clapping”, and “Make Or Break”. “Three Minutes Clapping” plays the most prominent role in the remix and its rhythm pervade the track while the other two songs fade in and out, blending seamlessly with each other.

“Twister -Crossover-“ is actually a remix of “Twister” and “Calling”, as well as snippets of “Hybrid”. The track features multiple vocalists, including Leah, SAWA, Stephanie, Nullie Nurly, and the rapper MJR. As can be seen by the numerous featured vocalists and rapper, this remix combine multiple versions of “Twister” and “Calling”. The result is a thrilling ride that condenses the musical essences of Ishimoto created for the world of TWEWY.


The World Ends With You -Crossover-, while short, contains a great selection of original and remix tracks with high production values. While some of the tracks can be too ambitious and ended up sounding hectic, one can at least appreciate the effort put into the details of the arrangement. Overall, the album is a solid effort from Ishimoto; it is a must have for all TWEWY fans and highly recommended to listeners who enjoy pop and rock music with Japanese influences too.

The World Ends With You -Crossover- KT Wong

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Posted on June 14, 2015 by KT Wong. Last modified on June 14, 2015.

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