When I got asked out by Otaku circle’s princess Original Soundtrack

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When I got asked out by Otaku circle’s princess lol Original Soundtrack
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August 17, 2015
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Originally released during Comiket 88, the soundtrack to the visual novel When I got asked out by Otaku circle’s princess lol, composed by Soshi Hosoi, provide a plethora of musical styles. How does the overall sound turn out for this visual novel effort?


The album opens with “Ivory Tower,” an edgy rock tune with some indstural tones and pop influence. The singer, Aina Kase, fits incredibly well with the style of the song and the live violin by Jun Takeuchi, especially during the solo sections, is an excellent touch. It’s an extremely strong theme and starts off the soundtrack on a positive note. In addition, there is also an off vocal version as well and a remix titled “Ivory Tower – Irregular Beats Mix,” that incorporates interesting rhythms and some dubstep influence to give it more of an edge. The other vocal tehem, “Mind Blank,” has a very chill trip-hop sound featuring beautiful ethereal vocals and a lot of violin work as well. It’s a stunning song with an excellent melody and atmosphere and is the highlight of the album in my opinion. In addition, there is also an off vocal of this theme featured as well.

The rest of the soundtrack features instrumental tunes and is done in a plethora of styles, which is typical of a visual novel soundtrack. “Usual Feeling” has a very Persona style quality to it in terms of tone, with its piano chords and melody while “Awkward Atmosphere” features a more modern electronic sound with a clear dance vibe. However, tracks like “Courage in the display” feature and upbeat and adventurous orchestral sound that one might hear in an RPG upon starting their journey, while “Impatience” features a Spanish flair with its violin and accordion soundscapes and interesting drumpad rhythm while also providing a bit of a jazz sound in the bass guitar. Speaking of jazz, “Way to Collapse,” features a bit of a jazz influence in the brass melody, although the majority of the track focuses more on industrial bass lines and is not the most successful of tracks. Of course, there are also some more poignant pieces. “Brilliant Tomorrow” is a piano and strings piece with a heartwarming melody while “Wailing” utilizes choir, piano, and strings to create a mysterious and melancholy sound, while also incorporating the main theme, “Ivory Tower.” To me, it’s another highlight of the album.


All in all, the When I got asked out by the Otaku circle’s princess lol Original Soundtrack is a fairly solid offering. While some tunes may not be the most creative or engaging, the soundtrack still manages to provide a varied and largely entertaining listen. Of particular note are the two vocal themes as well as softer themes present on the album. If you are a fan of Soshi Hosoi’s work, you might enjoy the soundtrack. Since it’s also available on iTunes now, you can pick and choose which tunes to buy, if you prefer buying in piecemeal.

When I got asked out by Otaku circle’s princess Original Soundtrack Don Kotowski

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Posted on October 27, 2015 by Don Kotowski. Last modified on October 27, 2015.

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