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February 25, 2017
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TECHNO JAZZ is an EP released by Soshi Hosoi’s record label, hosplug, and features a compilation of tunes from Soshi Hosoi, Keishi Yonao, and Rodriguez Nobu. Each tune has a jazz element to it and incorporates synthesized elements as well . How does the EP sound overall?


The album opens with “Production 5012,” composed by Rodriguez Nobu, a frenetic synth tune with quirky rhythms and jazzy piano lines. As the piece progresses, it gets more of a melodic focus and a bit of a futuristic sound. The overall piece is quite dynamic and engaging with a pretty good melody. His other contribution, “Tom’s Dream,” is more carnivalesque in nature and has a retro sound. In some ways, it reminds me of Mappy‘s music stylistically but with updated synthesizers. The overall progression and fun melody make for a fun listen.

Keishi Yonao’s contributions certainly take on a more shmup/techno focus, more so than jazz. His first, “Jazzy Sun,” incorporates a steady beat with an ethereal and jazzy melody line and is a nice blend of both elements alluded to via the album title. The end result is quite cohesive and certainly enjoyable. His second contribution, ” Alternative Speak,” also incorporates a smooth techno beat with jazzy chords that help create a smokey synthesizer atmosphere. This tune reminds me of his work on Strania: The Stella Machine with its industrial sound, minimalist melody, and atmosphere.

Soshi Hosoi’s two contributions are stark contrasts to one another. “A Cat Walk Down a Cat Walk” incorporates a fun atmosphere, melody, and jazzy progression to create a quirky, enjoyable tune that gives me retro Sonic vibes at times, particularly the Casino style stages. His other contribution, “Independence and Harmony,” closes the album and is quite heavy and oppressive. Darker tones mix with jazzy piano chords and Streets of Rage style FM rhythms, one of the tune’s strongest aspects, and as the piece progresses, the melody takes on more of a jazz influence, which helps give the piece a seedy nature.


This mini album features a variety of styles that incorporate both techno and jazz aspects. Some pieces certainly manage to strike a nice balance, while others, while enjoyable, are more oriented towards one or the other. The end result is certainly worth a listen, especially if you are fans of their previous work. .

TECHNO JAZZ Don Kotowski

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Posted on September 27, 2017 by Don Kotowski. Last modified on September 27, 2017.

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