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Monster Hunter Explore Original Soundtrack
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March 16, 2016
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The Monster Hunter Explore Original Soundtrack is the official soundtrack release for Capcom’s mobile title of the same name. Featuring compositions from a variety of Capcom employees, both current and former, including Tadayoshi Makino, Miwako Chinone, Yuko Komiyama (Unique Note), Marika Suzuki, Masami Onodera, Akihiko Narita, and Azusa Kato, how does the Monster Hunter experience translate to a mobile game and is the music of the same type?


Miwako Chinone served as the main composer for the soundtrack, composing the majority of the music on the album. Her contributions are a blend of action tracks as well as various other utilizations typically found in a Monster Hunter game. “Setting Sail for the Blue Seas” is an adventurous orchestral sound featuring a nice melody with some tropical rhythms thrown in for good measure. On the same note, “Summoning the Hunters!” also features an adventurous tone but also throws in some more determined, serious tones as well. “Extreme Ferocity” is a bombastic orchestral theme that is quite tense and also features some exotic elements in the accompaniment, making for an intriguing listen. She is also responsible for a variety of softer tunes. “Going Down the Path to the Sketched Unknowns” is a very aquatic sounding piece featuring chimes, woodwind, and ambient background accompaniment making for a very mysterious listen. Another mysterious tune is “Within the Bewilderment,” which features a beautiful melody that focuses on violin. “A Ship’s Wake in the Moonlit Night” is a relaxing, calming strings-led piece that is quite soothing and boasts and nice melody as well. In keeping with the seafaring tone of the game, “Chambar of the Sea Roar” is a jovial, sea chanty, but tends to sound a bit muddy at times. However, the choice of accordion for the lead melody is a great choice, in my opinion. Lastly, “The City’s Oasis” is an upbeat woodwind-led theme with a town-like vibe to it, although the melody itself leaves a bit to be desired.

The other contributors to the soundtrack each compose a small portion of the remaining tracks with Tadayoshi Makino contributing the most. “Overture to the Expedition” opens the soundtrack and also helps set the tone for it with its adventurous orchestral sound and excellent melody. “Presentment of Meeting an Enemy” gives off a bit of a Middle Eastern vibe to it and is quite rhythmic in nature. It also incorporates the series’ main theme “Proof of a Hero” as one of its motifs. “Proud Hunter” is a mi of rock and orchestral that also incorporates the main theme of the series. It’s a very percussion intensive piece and almost has a dance feel to it. Another exotic battle theme is “Crossing of Swords and Fang,” with its energetic sound, nice melody, and Middle Eastern influence. Lastly, “Flashing Blue Light / Zinogre” is a rock/orchestral take on the classic. It’s a heavy metal meets Middle Eastern approach and I think it works quite well in this context.

Marika Suzuki’s “Sturdy Indigo ~ Brachydios” has a bit of an orchestral pops flavor compared to the original and makes for a nice listen while her take on “The Cloak That Conceals the Light ~ Gore Magala” is a dramatic orchestral rendition of the original. However, while enjoyable, don’t really stand out. Akihiko Narita’s “Red Afterglow Running in the Darkness / Nargacuga” features a suspenseful sound with its orchestration, but also suffers a bit in terms of standing out. Azusa Kato’s “A Quiet Conversation Over Some Cups” features a bit of a rustic tone, but is also quite upbeat and bubbly. “Raid! The Cycling of Seasons” is a more dramatic rendition of Makino’s “Overture to the Expedition,” but also incorporates some rustic aspects with the incorporation of the harmonica. Masami Onodera’s “Course Glittering in the Sun” is a relaxing violin led piece with a strong melody while her “Islands Filled with Radiance” is an orchestral imagining of the track just mentioned. She also tackle’s this game’s version of the main theme, “Proof of a Hero ~ Monster Hunter EXPLORE,” featuring a grandiose sound and also incorporating some violin. Lastly, Yuko Komiyama contributes two pieces, “Gluttony Demon / Deviljho” and “Success!!” The former is a dramatic and intense rendition of the original and also incorporates the melodic motif of her Monster Hunter Tri tune, “To One with Life.” Speaking of that theme, “Success!!” is built from that iconic tune. While it does open with a short victorious rendition of “Proof of a Hero,” the rest of the tune is a very moving, regal, and somewhat militaristic take on “To One with Life.” It is certainly a favorite of mine from the soundtrack and the slower tempo really adds a fresh take on the original.



In the end, the Monster Hunter Explore Original Soundtrack is an enjoyable one, although it doesn’t sound like a Monster Hunter soundtrack outside of the battle themes. Fans of the series will most likely enjoy the new interpretations of existing classics, but as for the original music, it definitely is a bit of a step down compared to the main series.

Monster Hunter Explore Original Soundtrack Don Kotowski

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Posted on May 23, 2016 by Don Kotowski. Last modified on May 23, 2016.

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