ASUKA 120% ~BURNING Remixes~



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ASUKA 120% ~BURNING Remixes~
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Sweep Record
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Release Date:
March 11, 2019
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The ASUKA 120% ~Burning Remixes~ album consists of two discs featuring arrangements from the fighting game Asuka 120% Burning Fest, originally composed by Keishi Yonao. This release features BGM and vocal arrangements by Keishi Yonao himself, as well as remixes by guest contributors, Hirofumi Murasaki, Raito, Takeshi Abo, Shinji Hosoe, and polygon prompt. How does this release turn out?


The first disc, consisting of six vocal arrangements by Yonao and five instrumental arrangements by the guest contributors, opens with “See you tomorrow,” blending FM synth, bright synthesizers, vocals, and electric guitar to create a catchy tune with a retro flair. The same could be said for the remainder of Yonao’s arrangements, from the groovy FM synth and electronic “Positivity,” to the pop tunes “Friends” and “Memories Begin,” both of which feature bubbly vocals, with the former being a slower tempo overall and the latter featuring more funk influence. Lastly, “Power of harmony” takes FM synth, a big band brass sound, vocals, and jazzy piano to create a catchy tune with a great melody. The guest contributions, on the other hand, vary up the arrangements a bit. Murasaki’s “Entry (Purple Funk Ver.)” is, as the name implies, a funky synth rendition with plenty of guitar (electric, bass, and rhythm) and keyboards. Added to the mix are electric guitar and synth solos and a veer towards a more big band sound towards the end of the remix. “Theme of Asuka (Raito Remix)” retains the retro feel of the original with its FM synth focus amidst a high tempo, plenty of percussion, and electric guitar. There are some wonderful guitar and keyboard solos as well. “Theme of Kumi (Takeshi Abo Remix)” blends FM synth, jazzy piano, dance beats, and synths to give a retro feel that supports the strong melody. “Theme of Karina (polygon prompt Remix)” takes the original and transforms it into a hard techno remix with a focus on piano and synthesizer. Lastly, “Theme of Shinobu (Shinji Hosoe Remix)” certainly has an 80’s rock vibe to it, blending synthesizer and electric guitar alongside intricate drum rhythms, while retaining the retro feel of the original.

The second disc contains BGM arrangements of the original music, arranged by Keishi Yonao. The non-action oriented tunes like “Opening,” with its beautiful piano melody, and “Continue,” with its jazzy piano and big band brass, stand out while “Configuration,” with its FM/rock approach, and “Entry,” with its funky bass and synthesizer approaach, help establish the sounds to come in regards to the many character themes present on the album.  “Theme of Asuka” features a groovy synth melody, slap bass, and electric guitar to create a fun tune while themes like “Theme of Kumi” and “Theme of Tamaki” both feature FM heavy backbones and bright synth melodies, giving the pieces a ton of energy. “Theme of Megumi” adds synthesized choir to the mix while staying FM focused and using e. guitar and funk rhythms alongside a synth melody to create an extremely engaging piece of music. Much could be said for the remaining character themes as well, as they all retain a very retro vibe. “Theme of Torami” is more cheerful with its bubbly synths and bright melody while “Theme of Karina” and “Theme of Cathy” offers more jazz influenced piano chords and strings alongside the FM rhythm. “Theme of Kiyoko” is a punchy FM and rock tune with a great melody whiel “Theme of Shinobu” opens rather dramatically before combining electric guitar, FM synth, and synthesizer to create a fantastic tune with a strong melody. All in all, the character themes, while being largely consistent in terms of overall soundscape, are quite varied in their melodies, making the listen worthwhile.


This remix album is largely successful, blending classic BGM remixes that would fit perfectly in the game if it were made today and an mix of vocal and instrumental remixes that stay true to the heart of the original music while updating it with a more modern sound. Fans of Yonao’s work on the series will certainly find something to enjoy with this release.

ASUKA 120% ~BURNING Remixes~ Don Kotowski

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Posted on July 17, 2019 by Don Kotowski. Last modified on July 17, 2019.

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