Machinarium Bonus EP

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Machinarium Bonus EP
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November 22, 2009
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In my last review, I raved about Machinarium and how Tomáš Dvořák captured a warm, unique sound for the game. The entire soundtrack is actually split across two separate releases, the official OST available for purchase in digital/vinyl form and an equally worthwhile ‘Bonus EP’ available for free download here.


The five tracks on this extra EP continue the sound from the main soundtrack while taking into some bold new directions. Two are unmissable highlights from the game. “Pipewrench Dubsteb” an uplifting, beautifully textured dance track (which the pedant in me would say was Broken Beat as opposed to Dubstep).

“By The Wall” is perhaps my favourite track from one of my favourite soundtracks. It is the epitome of Dvořák’s warmth, his expertise in layering of characterful sounds and his plush composition. Synths, vocals, clarinets, filtered pianos and enveloping sub-bass are all harmoniously patched together.


This EP should be seen as a companion rather than a supplement. It presents new perspectives and features original highlights that aren’t on the main soundtrack. Whether you went for the digital or vinyl edition of the main soundtrack (the latter actually includes “By the Wall”), this free EP is a must-have companion.

Machinarium Bonus EP Pete Thomas

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Posted on January 20, 2017 by Pete Thomas. Last modified on January 31, 2017.

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