hosplug Sound Demo the Best -All About-

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hosplug Sound Demo the Best -All About-
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April 29, 2013
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Soshi Hosoi’s hosplug Sound Demo the Best -ALL ABOUT- is an album containing Hosoi’s representative tracks done in an electronic style. Of course, there are a plethora of styles present on the album, but all have an electronic influence to them. How does this album compare to something that he might write for a game?


The album opens up with “noise of neighbor” and is an interesting track that gives off more of a jam band style. There are jazzy piano chords, some brass and strings accompaniment, and an interesting electronic rhythm. Unfortunately, it doesn’t really manage to really development and comes off as its name implies, a bit noisy. The second track, “Flower That Blooms By Night,” fortunately provides a much more enjoyable experience with its jazzy groove and smooth vocal work, presumably by Hosoi himself. “NORENAI DANCE” is a quirky tune that comes off as abstract and not that impressive, to be honest. It’s a bit too strange and a bit unfocused and chaotic. “Damkina” is a piano driven piece, although there is some brass featured, although I think it is a bit unnecessary. The piece itself doesn’t really develop too much, but there are some good ideas hidden away in the track. Another fantastic track is “Samayoisekai -hos Vocal-” with its pop flavor. The beat is pretty catchy and I love the melody. The vocals are also quite nice and help lift the melody as well.

“ROCKET” is a highlight on the album. It’s a soft electronic piece with some bright synth tones and piano. There’s a fantastic atmosphere to the piece. My only gripe is its length as I wish it were much longer. “No Immediate Effect” is a quirky electronic piece that manages to be a bit more successful than “NORENAI DANCE.” There is a dissonant sound and the vocal samples are quite strange, adding to the chaos of the piece, but there are some ambient sections that manage to sound a bit more cohesive. “Meets the Meat” is another vocal tune that manages to bring an enjoyable listen. The ambient electronic atmosphere with the occasional beat works well with the vocal work. “Anemone” is a fun pop vocal tune with an interesting rhythm and although it is one of the less successful vocal tunes on the album. I do enjoy the various synth tones that help brighten up the mood. Lastly, the album ends with “BIRD’S VIEW,” a fantastic theme that provides some simplistic vocal work, lots of atmosphere throughout its duration, and also plenty of uplifting and beautiful moments thanks to the various layering and melodies incorporated throughout the tune.


In the end, this album is an interesting blend of styles and displays Hosoi’s range, some of which were unknown to me. In the end, the album is a decent listen, with only a few songs managing to sound a bit off or completely unenjoyable, at least to me. I found the vocal and more ambient tunes on the album much more appealing and think that most people would as well. This can be bought digitally on Amazon Japan, which also provides some more samples, if you are still on the fence.

hosplug Sound Demo the Best -All About- Don Kotowski

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Posted on December 16, 2014 by Don Kotowski. Last modified on December 16, 2014.

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