Giveaway of Guacamelee! and Cryptidalia Remixes


In this new regular feature, we’ll be giving away physical and digital editions of excellent albums to site visitors.  However, only a handful of copies will be available to visitors and will usually be given away on a first-come, first-serve basis. So keep checking the site regularly to get your hands on each giveaway.

In today’s giveaway, we are celebrating the AGMA-winning work of Need For Speed composer Rom Di Prisco with free download codes of two of his best albums, both of which are otherwise commercially available on Bandcamp. We provide eight download codes for his albums below. After they have ran out, also keep checking the comments section for a couple more.

Guacamelee! Original Soundtrack

First up is the Guacamelee! Original Soundtrack. On this award-winning album, Rom Di Prisco and Peter Chapman created an instantly likeable soundtracks for Drinkbox Studios’ indie title. The downloadable Metroidvania blends strong melodies, Mexican flavours, and electronica infusions to delightful effect. The album can be redeemed here using the following codes:


Cryptidalia Remixes EP

Di Prisco’s award-winning debut album Cryptidalia proved to be a rich, imaginative, and polished work. With ten contrasting electronic tracks, from the soothing anthem “Trophosphere”, to the percussive experiment “Caverns of Suursonnabu”, the album is jam-packed with highlights. As always, it remains free to download on a name-your price basis at his Bandcamp.

We’re also delighted to provide exclusive free download codes for the Cryptidalia Remixes EP. This commercially-released collection of remixes offers new perspectives on Cryptidalia‘s originals while still channelling a deep electronic style. The album can be redeemed here using the following download codes:


Enjoy! After they have ran out, keep checking the comments section for a couple more codes.

Posted on June 1, 2014 by Chris Greening. Last modified on June 16, 2014.

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