GeoDrop Soundtrack EP

GeoDrop Album Title:
GeoDrop Soundtrack EP
Record Label:
Chris Huelsbeck Productions
Catalog No.:
Release Date:
May 8, 2015
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GeoDrop Soundtrack EP is composed by Chris Huelsbeck for an iOS abstract action puzzle game with retro visuals. The EP carries only four tracks with uneven length, totalling 18 minutes of music. Let us check out what does the famed German composer has to offer with this peculiar mini project.


All four tracks in the EP are ambient chillout electronic music with a futuristic vibe. Arpeggio figures would be used prominently throughout the album. The EP opens with “GeoDrop Theme”, the shortest track (1:36) among the four, featuring reverberating arpeggio figures throughout. The brief track would establish the tone for the remaining of the album.

Similarly, “Shapes” begins with some brisk arpeggio figures as well but it has more development with a longer runtime. Midway through the track, a piano motif is introduced, giving the piece more definition through a melodic line. “Colors” has a slower tempo compared to the other tracks and the arpeggio figures in this track progresses at a steadier pulse. Featuring a melodic line with an obvious minor tone, the track exudes a melancholic mood.

Finally, we have “GeoDrop Remix Medley”, which is significantly longer (8:58) than the other tracks. The track combines the previous three tracks in an arrangement really similar to the original with slightly different tone colors; it is a rehash of the preceding materials.


GeoDrop Soundtrack EP provides an overall pleasant but unmemorable listening experience. While the album is consistent in quality, it is constrained by the limited amount of materials, which lack enough development to distinguish them from music of the same genre. I would only recommend the EP to players of the game who have enjoyed the accompanying music as well as ardent Huelsbeck fans who want to complete their collection.

GeoDrop Soundtrack EP KT Wong

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Posted on May 20, 2015 by KT Wong. Last modified on May 21, 2015.

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