FFVII REMAKE Soundtrack CD Sets Coming This May

Square Enix Music posted a tweet yesterday announcing plans to release a full soundtrack CD set for Final Fantasy VII Remake later this year.  Spanning seven (very clever, Square Enix) discs’ worth of music, this soundtrack looks set to combine updated arrangements of Final Fantasy VII’s iconic themes, alongside a number of original tracks.  “Hollow”, an original theme by Nobuo Uematsu of the latter variety, will also be included.

Two versions of the CD set will be available to order.  The Special Edit Version will include various bonuses, such as additional musical content and a memorandum book.

No plans for digital sale or streaming have yet been announced, but we will update this article as further information becomes available.

As for the physical CD sets, Final Fantasy VII Remake Original Soundtrack will hit the market on May 27, 2020, selling for 6,500 JPY (~$60) for the standard version or 7,777 JPY (very, very clever Square Enix) (~$71) for the Special Edit Version.  For more information on where to pick up either version, check out Square Enix Music’s official webpage for the soundtrack.

In the meantime, you can get an early taste of Final Fantasy VII Remake’s soundtrack in the game’s recently released demo.  You can also check out this behind the scenes look at the production of “Hollow”, featuring commentary from both Nobuo Uematsu himself and the theme’s vocalist, Yosh.

Posted on March 19, 2020 by Reilly Farrell. Last modified on March 19, 2020.

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One Response to FFVII REMAKE Soundtrack CD Sets Coming This May

  1. Nocturnal_Fox says:

    I’m confused about what it says on the SE website: ‘Spanning seven CDs, this amazing album features a huge selection of music from the game’. Huge selection…. Does that mean that this version of 7 CDs (+ 1 bonus CD) is not the complete soundtrack?

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