Egglia ~Legend of the Redcap~ Original Soundtrack

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Egglia ~Legend of the Redcap~ Original Soundtrack
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Harmonics Music
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December 13, 2017
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The Egglia ~Legend of the Redcap ~ Original Soundtrack (or Soundtruck, as it is printed multiple times on the physical release) is the soundtrack that accompanies a mobile game that is heavily inspired, both artistically and mechanistically to Legend of Mana. Like with Legend of Mana, Yoko Shimomura contributes much of the music to the game. However, she is also joined by Yoshitaka Hirota, known for his work on the Shadow Hearts series. How does the music sound and is it reminiscent of Legend of Mana in any ways?


One thing to be said for the soundtrack is that, overall, it is a very bright soundtrack, making for a generally happy tone throughout. Yoko Shimomura’s works definitely consist mostly of said tracks. “Legend of the Redcap” features a beautiful melody and a sound that invokes a nostalgia for Legend of Mana with its combination of strings, woodwinds, and bells. “Dawn” focuses on a bright and peaceful sound with harpsichord and woodwinds and reminds me more of her Kingdom Hearts work. A cheerful melody can be heard with “My town,” mainly consisting of woodwinds and strings, that features a warm atmosphere, perfectly reminiscent of a town. Similarly, “Green Days” is more violin focused with its melody and helps carry a bright and cheerful sound as well Other tunes like “Happy Humming,” with its woodwinds focus, and “Opportunity,” with its upbeat, adventurous tone, help to contribute more to this atmosphere. Lastly, “I’m home” is relaxing with its acoustic guitar, woodwinds, and block percussion, giving off a calm atmosphere, bu it doesn’t particularly stand out either. On the flip side, tunes like “Mysterious mana” and “Only your tears” provide melancholic tones with the former’s harp and violin focus and the latter’s emotional violin focus. In fact, the latter has a few notes that immediately conjure up the nostalgic “Ruined Sparkling City” from Legend of Mana. 

As for Yoshitaka Hirota’s contributions, his are more varied in approach. “Sunbeams leaves” is a peaceful, presumably, forest theme focusing on strings and piano and provides a beautiful, relaxing melody while “Welcome, spirit!” is an organ based theme with piano/harpsichord  that provides an inviting, yet playful sound, particularly in the accompaniment. “To the dark abyss” is an ominous tense tune with piano and strings that provides a haunting atmosphere but also a fairly forgettable melody. “Burning burning desert” is typical RPG fare with its cliched instrumentation and melody while “Cloud whistle” features an airy strings/harps melody, has an inspirational sound, but doesn’t really develop as it progresses. Lastly, “Punish the dragon” is an orchestral theme with organ that is clearly an action oriented piece and features a heroic sound and a pretty good melody to boot.

Yoko Shimomura also wrote a few of the character themes for the game. The main character’s theme, “Chabo’s Theme,” is a playful one, focusing on plucked strings  and woodwind, helping to create a whimsical atmosphere. “Shamo’s  Theme” is darker in tone focusing on piano and strings, but is largely forgettable. “Robin’s Theme” focuses on piano and helps provide a beautiful and reflective sound in its melody. Lastly, “Brownie’s Theme is another playful woodwind tune with a serviceable melody but not much else going for it. The other character themes were handled by Yoshitaka Hirota. “Craftsman’s Theme” is rustic and playful, but doesn’t particularly stand out either. “Gremlin’s Theme,” on the other hand, is more accordion based and gives off a bit of a gypsy/folk sound. It’s one of the more enticing offerings on the soundtrack. Similarly a standout is “Faerie’s Theme” with its upbeat and playful Celtic inspired sound.


Overall, the Egglia ~Legend of the Redcap~ Original Soundtrack is a serviceable one. There are certainly some low points to the album, but the relaxing and bright sound overall helps to round out the album. Aside from the more cliched or forgettable themes, the soundtrack itself does have a somewhat nostalgic air, but definitely doesn’t live up to the same standards as the work the game was clearly inspired by. Cautiously recommended for fans of Shimomura and Hirota.

Egglia ~Legend of the Redcap~ Original Soundtrack Don Kotowski

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Posted on February 19, 2018 by Don Kotowski. Last modified on February 19, 2018.

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