Device 6 Original Soundtrack

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Device 6 Original Soundtrack
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November 1, 2013
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One of my favourite games of 2013, Device 6, was developed by Simogo and scored by Daniel Olsén. Though all elements of the game were well-done, I truly felt that its best aspect was its sound design. It’s very interesting read how the game’s music was actually made as summarised here. Essentially the soundtrack is rooted in 1960s sound. So you have a lot of Bond-style brass and strings being prevalent throughout the entire soundtrack together with some Latin influences.


“Device 6” might open up with a computer start-up sound, but it quickly switches into a spy flair, complete with swinging rhythms and snazzy string, woodwind, and brass work. I love how it progresses with all sorts of irregularities appearing throughout, for example chiptune sounds and weird sound effects. Its conclusion has so much conviction and outright states its finality with a final trumpet blare. “Our Past Products” is a great music box rendition of the theme’s motif.

This is certainly one of the better spy soundtracks, given it blends stereotypical features with more individualistic approaches. “Ritual Tape” is smack right out of that era right down to the structure and instrumentation, which makes incredibly pleasing in terms of being a blast from the past. For example, “Porte Pluto” creates that perfect espionage sound with its moody acoustic and electric bass notes, excellent percussion ensemble, and suspenseful melodies. “Mark Magnum” blends that spy sound right with some distortion and brass to make it sound more menacing.

Among the most relaxing additions, “Code Erotica” blends the swing and brass with a fairly jumpy and peppy melody.  “Alpha, Beta, Cocktail” sounds exactly what you might expect — a tropical excursion that has just a touch of suspense thanks to the odd chord choice. “Lounge Meringue”, by contrast, might be even more palatable for people to listen to, as it lacks that distortion. It’s certainly one of the most accessible tracks on the soundtrack.

“Oculus Opium” fits into the game’s sound design so well, and it’s evocative of this through the use of distortion. “Garden Festivities” and “Radio Calculation” are completely loaded with distortion, making them unsettling to hear in conjunction with the game’s sound design. Jonathan Eng’s “Anna” is one of the better vocal themes of the year and has quite a Latin vibe. From an awesome acoustic and brass backing, it features great lyrics and mesmerising vocals. It’s incredibly catchy.


In any case, Device 6’s soundtrack probably sounds incredibly foreign and odd to people who probably haven’t played the game, but I can certainly say with complete and utter assurance that everything about it works contextually in the game. Device 6 features some of the best sound design in a video game this year, and the music truly favours that assertion. The way everything works in that game is utterly fantastic, right down to the game’s music direction. Given Olsén’s work on Year Walk, it will be interesting to see what he does next. I highly recommend this soundtrack, but it’s probably better to place the game first.

Device 6 Original Soundtrack Kimberly Singh

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Posted on April 8, 2014 by Kimberly Singh. Last modified on April 8, 2014.

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