Breath of Fire 6 -Myakudou- Original Soundtrack

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Breath of Fire 6 -Myakudou- Original Soundtrack
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February 24, 2016
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The Breath of Fire series has seen a multitude of composers throughout its time. In its latest iteration, Breath of Fire 6, a mobile and web-based game, Tamiya Terashima, known for his earlier works with Falcom, serves as composer. How does his effort turn out for Breath of Fire 6 Original Soundtrack -Myakudou- and does it have the same sort of charm compared to earlier games in the series?


The album opens with “Invitation from the White Dragon”, a song with mystical vocals that open up the piece followed by some Celtic and orchestral sounds. It’s quite beautiful and one of the stronger tunes on the album. There are a variety of “Dragon Song” pieces as well. “Dragon Song <Star> (Melody of Fate)” is ambient and ethereal while “Dragon Song <Hatred> (Peridot)” is an action oriented vocal tune that definitely ranks up there among the more enjoyable on the soundtrack with the orchestral components complementing the vocals quite well. “Dragon Song <Hope> (Nina)” is an angelic vocal piece with harp and strings. It’s a very beautiful piece, but also quite short. “Dragon Song <Earth> (Nina)” is an orchestral rendition and is a bit more regal in nature.

There are plenty of action oriented tunes as well, although the majority of them suffer from similar problems. “Fiend Slaughter -RASATSU-” is a tense orchestral tune, but is fairly standard with not much standing out while “Astonishing Sky -KYOUTEN-” is frenetic and tense, but also quite repetitive. Likewise, “Sudden Death SHITOTSU-” suffers from a pretty repetitive structure throughout its dark and tense orchestral sound. “Interrupted Battle -ZETSUTOU-” is one of the better action tune that is dark in sound and also has a bit more of a classical influence. Lastly, “Violent Edge -GEKIHA-” is a dark orchestral tune full of bombast and martial influences.

With that said, there are still plenty of enjoyable tunes on the album. “Hometown Warmth -KYOUJI-” is a beautiful strings driven piece with a strong melody while “Love Enlightenment -AIBO-” is a woodwind driven arrangement of the former giving it a more peaceful sound. “Springtime -SHUNKI-” is an upbeat and playful acoustic driven tune with a fairly memorable melody while “Comforting Wave -RAKUROU-” is a jovial orchestral tune featuring woodwinds and a playful melody.


All and all, the Breath of Fire 6 Original Soundtrack -Myakudou- is a serviceable listen. Given its nature, it does lack a bit of the charm of some of the other entries in the series. The melodies themselves are decent listens, with the action oriented tracks suffering the most, so there is something to be enjoyed. It just comes off a bit generic rather than unique, especially given some of the more creative entries in the series like Breath of Fire III and Breath of Fire IV.

Breath of Fire 6 -Myakudou- Original Soundtrack Don Kotowski

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Posted on August 4, 2016 by Don Kotowski. Last modified on August 5, 2016.

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