8-Bit Rally Soundtrack

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8-Bit Rally Soundtrack
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May 10, 2011
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After some promising demo work, the 8-Bit Rally soundtrack confirms poisoncut as a retro composer to watch, producing material that’s as strong as the classics he models his work after – in this case, the Amiga’s Lotus series of racing games.


The base for each track are driving, danceable beats that find the sweet spot between persistently pushing grooves and the necessary variety to keep things fresh. On top of this immediately energising bed of rhythms, poisoncut layers fantastically catchy melody hooks and arpeggios, while smartly addressing each race track’s location.

The sleek 80s synths of “Midnight Diversion” are the perfect underscore for a Miami Vice car chase through the city’s neon-lit streets, while “Phantom of the Road” creates a starkly different atmosphere with its claustrophobic beats and a chromatic melody that possesses a fitting ‘haunted house’ flair.

Among other additions, “Distant Journey” integrates chirpy early 90s techno that kicks into euphoric overdrive in its second half, and “Miles of Funk” introduces poisoncut’s excellent, futuristic funk style that he would develop further on Scrumple Ship.


While a brief soundtrack, 8-Bit Rally boasts plenty of replay value. The digital soundtrack is available for couple of pounds on Bandcamp now.

8-Bit Rally Soundtrack Simon Elchlepp

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Posted on November 24, 2014 by Simon Elchlepp. Last modified on November 24, 2014.

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