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Under Defeat Mini Remix CD
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April 13, 2011
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Recently, a superplay DVD was released for Under Defeat, which featured music by Shinji Hosoe. For those who purchased the DVD through the G.rev store or at the Takadanobaba Game Center Mikado, a mini remix CD was also included. Featuring remixes from WASi303, k.h.d.n., and setzer, it’s a nice little bonus. How does it turn out?


The remix CD starts off with an arrangement of the first stage theme, entitled “can’t come back remix,” by setzer from MintJam. It’s an extremely intriguing remix, as it ties together a variety of genres. Given setzer’s love for electric guitar, it makes sense that this is prominently featured, both in terms of melody and powerful guitar riffs; however, at the same time, he incorporates a lot of synthesizer in the melody, as well as some groovy beats, and some rap vocal samples that really remind me of Shoji Meguro’s Persona 3 work. It’s an extremely satisfying remix.

Another rock-focused remix belongs to WASi303. His take on the fourth stage theme, entitled “Storm of Fine Weather remix,” focuses on interplay between bubbly synthesizer and electric guitar passages, throwing in some jazzy undertones and powerful guitar riffs to add some nice depth to the remix. It’s also quite surprising to hear some vocal samples thrown into the mix that are reminiscent of a mission briefing that lead into a fantastic guitar solo, performed by WASi303 himself.

k.h.d.n. also contributes to the remix CD. Kou Hayashi’s “farthest wasteland remix,” an interpretation of the third boss theme, features heavy beats, ethereal synthesizer, heroic tones with a sinister hint to them, and some crystalline piano runs that make for a very nice rendition of the original. At times, it feels more like an upgraded version of the original, but overall, it’s a great listen.

Daisuke Nagata’s interpretation of the last boss theme, entitled “huge dead end – of the sorrow,” opens with ambient synthesizer and melancholy piano before introducing the jazzy tones heard in the original. However, his interpretation focuses a lot on some killer drum n’ bass work interspersed with some industrial elements, futuristic synthesizer accents, and the jazzy piano tones of the original. It ends as it starts, with melancholy piano, but also throws in some bird calls as well to add a sense of tranquility. It’s definitely my favorite remix of the entire album.


In the end, this mini remix disc is an extremely gratifying experience, despite its short length. If you are a fan of superplay DVDs, do your best to order from the G.rev shop, or if you live in Tokyo, from the Mikado Game Center in Takadanobaba. The remixers’ interpretations of Shinji Hosoe’s music are rich with musical ideas and it really makes me long for an entire remix album dedicated to the music of Under Defeat, since there was an extended track release that also featured some bonus remixes.

Under Defeat Mini Remix CD Don Kotowski

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Posted on August 1, 2012 by Don Kotowski. Last modified on August 1, 2012.

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