Under Defeat HD -New Order- Soundtrack

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Under Defeat HD -New Order- Soundtrack
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February 23, 2012
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The Under Defeat HD -New Order- Soundtrack was released with the limited edition versions of the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. In addition to the original music, there is a special soundtrack that is featured when playing the New Order mode. Yousuke Yasui gave the game’s music a nice retro sound by combining new music and adaptations of Shinji Hosoe’s originals. A soundtrack sampler was packaged with the limited edition of the game, featuring six tracks.


The album opens up with “Don’t look back,” a nice play on words based on the original “Can’t come back.” While the melody is unique and absolutely infectious, the guitar riffs used originated in “Can’t come back.” I think this fusion of old and new ideas makes this track extremely unique and easily one of my favorite tunes on this mini CD. I also enjoy the sections when the FM synth melody cuts out, leaving only the riffs playing a portion of the melody. There’s also a slower, more peaceful section that acts as a bridge after the second loop that just oozes beautiful. “Go on a mission” is definitely influenced, particularly in the rhythm, by “Don’t look back,” serving as a nice follow-up on the CD. I really like how the edgy guitar riffs provide a lot of energy to the track, while the calm and serene synthesizer melody adds a lot of atmosphere that might seem unfitting for a shmup game, especially given the tempo. However, when the two are combined, the track is exquisitely gorgeous.

“The way that bring an end” conjures up images of “Way back that was shut” from the original soundtrack, at least in name. Stylistically, they feature similar elements, such as a guitar focus in the melody, but the majority of the track is much different. The tempo is much quicker and the melody is much more engaging. In many ways, this track is a fusion of the styles of Under Defeat and Eschatos, with wonderful guitar lines and solos combining with FM style synthesizer that definitely remind me of the Dreamcast version of the original soundtrack. All in all, it’s a fantastic track. “Beyond the snowstorm” is another excellent addition that reminds me in many ways of Eschatos. The tempo and melody have that catchiness to them that makes you want to hum the tune in your head all day and the subtle electronic accompaniment helps give it a bit of a futuristic vibe. Overall, this is another fantastic tune and one that should not be missed.

“Never say die” sounds quite different from most of the soundtrack in terms of style, perhaps because it was composed solely by Yousuke Yasui. While most of the soundtrack features that Under Defeat sound tweaked to fit Yasui’s style, this theme is pure Yasui all the way and definitely borrows from his compositional technique in Eschatos. Pure adrenaline feeds the entire track with motivating tempos, powerful guitar riffs, mysterious synthesizer, and a melody that will rock your socks off. Lastly, “Tears in their eyes” is also a bit different from the rest of the soundtrack. It has a very cold, industrial, and sinister atmosphere that really weighs the listener down. The mysterious synthesizer, particularly in the accompaniment, works wonders in heightening the atmospheric listening experience, while the slow rock melody provides the perfect amount of emotion to give the track a sense of desolation and a small glimmer of hope.


In the end, I think that the Under Defeat HD -New Order- Soundtrack that comes packaged with the limited edition is an excellent sampling of the new soundtrack. While it is unknown at this time if the full soundtrack will be released in the future, it is definitely something I would like to be released. Until then, I recommend this sampler for any fan of Yousuke Yasui and Shinji Hosoe’s shmup style music. If you enjoy playing the games too, definitely spring for the limited edition so you can pick up the CD.

Under Defeat HD -New Order- Soundtrack Don Kotowski

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Posted on August 1, 2012 by Don Kotowski. Last modified on August 1, 2012.

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