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Under Defeat Extended Tracks
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March 23, 2006
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Under Defeat Extended Tracks was included with the limited edition version of the Dreamcast release of Under Defeat. It features extended versions of the stage themes created for the Dreamcast version of the game. In addition, it features remixes by a variety of members from SuperSweep, Monaca, and others. How does it compare to the original soundtrack and is it a nice supplemental album to have?


The stage themes, for the most part, are just like the original. However, since they are extended, Shinji Hosoe throws in extra synthesizer and guitar solos. These, in essence, make the tracks overall a much more enjoyable experience. However, it’s something of a shame that the boss themes didn’t receive the same treatment. Those wishing to hear the Dreamcast version of the soundtrack are better checking out the Under Defeat DC Edition Soundtracks instead.

Given that, I’ll focus mainly on the arranged versions featured on this album. Yousuke Yasui’s “Can’t come back,” is definitely in the spirit of his more recent soundtrack efforts. It’s a retro-themed remix that really adds a lot of charm to the original. While it doesn’t offer much in terms of expansion, it’s still a nice take on the source material. It’s not bad, but given his recent retro remixes, I think it could have been better. Yasui’s second remix is “Under Defeat Medley Mix,” which continues the retro soundscape of the other stage themes in the game.

Monaca’s Satoru Kousaki arranges “Towards a Mistake,” and transforms the original synth rock piece into a jazz piece. I really like the lounge feel of the track, especially in the snazzy percussion and keyboard work. In addition, the big brass sounds complement the softer sections quite nicely. Overall, it’s a very enjoyable remix. Keiichi Okabe, the other Monaca arranger, tackles the last stage theme, “Tears which died.” Opening with the same melancholy piano and synthesizer, he transforms it into an upbeat dance tune with a bit of a disco influence. I really like the overall atmosphere of this one as it still keeps the energy of the original, albeit with a different soundscape, as well as the overall melancholy sections.

ZIZZ Studio’s Toshimichi Isoe handles the final boss theme, “huge dead end,” adding a tribal influence to the overall jazzy soundscape of the original. I really like the percussion choices of this remix as they really work quite well with the original soundscape. In addition, the vocal samples and synthesizer accompaniment really help bring a bit of an ambience to the mix. However, the saxophone is a welcome surprise, as it helps bring a bit of an exoticism to the remix.

Lastly, “To the far off sky,” an arrangement of the ending theme by Studio Carnaval’s Takayuki Aihara, closes the album. His remix has an interesting sound. It’s dreamy, industrial, and a bit romantic in sound, due to the various elements of the remix, such as the ambient synthesizer passages, the beautiful strings work, or the more crystalline synth passages. However, it also throws in some jazz influence as well through its beats and piano additions. Overall, it’s a beautiful mix and one that really manages to convey a ton of different styles, some of which I did not mention, and does so quite well.


In the end, I think this album is a very nice supplement to the original soundtrack. The extended tracks really add to the originals and the remixes, for the most part, do a great job at imagining Hosoe’s originals in a variety of interesting ways. I only wish that some of the boss themes were included in the extended portion of the original, as I’d love to see what could be done to those. The real highlight here, though, are the exclusive remixes. A great bonus with the limited edition and a worthwhile collector’s item.

Under Defeat Extended Tracks Don Kotowski

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Posted on August 1, 2012 by Don Kotowski. Last modified on August 1, 2012.

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