Two Worlds Original Soundtrack

Two Worlds Original Soundtrack Album Title:
Two Worlds Original Soundtrack
Record Label:
Kilauea Music Publishing
Catalog No.:
Release Date:
August 30, 2007
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Reality Pump’s Two Worlds is a fantasy RPG that took gamers back into an ancient time of knights and dragons. The music for the game was written by Harold Faltermeyer, the legendary composer of Top Gun, using a blend of acoustic and rock elements. It was eventually released on a stand-alone album that surprisingly proves more enjoyable than the contextual experience.


The fantasy setting of the game is immediately reflected with the “Two Worlds Main Theme”. Opening with a resonant clarinet solo, the track develops with cinematic strings to capture both the personal nature and epic scope of the game. The central melody has a dark and melancholic quality about it, though grows during the track time to motivate listeners. The climax of the composition is surprisingly headlined by electric guitar, which is a great way for Faltermeyer to assert his identity after the more typical stylings introducing the theme. However, it isn’t a particularly authentic fit for the game’s scenery and could have been mixed in a more elegant way.

This fusion of modern rock and classical fantasy is the focus of a number of other tracks on the score. “Siege of Cathalon”, for instance, evolves from a deep brooding introduction featuring exotic vocals into an adrenaline-kicking guitar segment. The climax is unique as it mixes and finishes with electric guitar and beautiful vocals, depicting the outward impact and personal affect of war respectively. “Opala”, on the other hand, fuses piano melodies with electronic beats in a way reminiscent of Vangelis. Another example of Faltermeyer’s old-school approach as a composer, it provides a major emotional highlight on the stand-alone soundtrack.

Among the more worldly tracks, “Desert Attack” starts with the voices of people talking in Cantonese, to portray a busy market day. However, the track becomes unsettling when Middle Eastern elements enter out of nowhere and the brass serves to accentuate the sinister mood. “Maghta Lahjar (Remix)” is the most distinct piece, as it is dominated by Asian instrumentation throughout. However, it’s perhaps the hybridisation of these elements with electronic percussion that makes this track a treat to listen to. Among the other highlights on the score are “Grom Town”, which captures the bittersweet feelings of daily life in the game, and “Purgatory” that evolves in a dark manner through its extended playtime.

Finally, Faltermeyer decided to pioneer the use of vocal themes on the title, in line with many film scores and Japanese RPGs. “Play The Game” is the defining theme of the soundtrack with its rich lyrics and beautiful voice, provided by AmberMoon. The track is quite encompassing stylistically, and the composer manager to integrate acoustic, ethnic, and electronic components into one, while inspiring imagery and deep emotions related to the game. However, the mixing could have been better given the instruments are often louder than the voice. This track was also included on the game’s vocal single in another rarity for Western game music.


Overall, Faltermeyer’s approach for Two Worlds is quite an entertaining one. He mixes many elements throughout the soundtrack to convey the typical fantasy setting while asserting his own identity. I don’t think the rock and electronic components are generally appropriate for the game, but they ensure a solid stand-alone listen for fans of older film scores. The music here will appeal not only to RPG fans, but also casual listeners with highlights such as “Siege of Cathalon” and “Play the Game”. A recommended score, particularly if you’re a fan of the composer or the game.

Two Worlds Original Soundtrack Harris Iqbal

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