Trash 003

Trash 003 Album Title:
Trash 003
Record Label:
Sweep Records
Catalog No.:
Release Date:
December 27, 2002
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The Trash series of CDs contain music to many small projects by Supersweep. Trash 003, featuring compositions from Shinji Hosoe, is a short album dedicated to two flash games entitled Earth Defense Bat and Earth Defense Missile. Is it worth picking up?


The album is split between BGM 1 through BGM 3 for both games. The first set of background music for Earth Defense Bat features a progression in intensity and development of the same theme. The base theme itself is pretty catchy and has a nice futuristic dance vibe with some hints of industrial techno. However, the fact that it’s pretty much the same theme with a different coating every time is a bit hard to justify.

The second set of BGMs for Earth Defense Missile is at least a bit more diverse, albeit repetitive. BGM 1 is more akin to the first set, with a very bouncy melody with hints of industrial techno and a sinister synth sound to accent it. BGM 2 develops that sinister sound into a theme of its own. The melody is pretty engaging, although it loops rather quickly. BGM 3 is probably the best of this set, due to the fact it is the most interesting. It has a nice futuristic and spacey vibe, combined with some industrial accents, but the melody is pretty awesome and the variety of synth effects used makes it pretty worthwhile.

Lastly, the album ends with the remix “E.D.R.,” a piece over seven minutes long that sounds like it belongs on a NanoSweep album. I find this to be pretty engaging throughout its duration, mainly due to the variety of soundscapes it provides, from more industrial techno sections to more futuristic and robotic sounding sections.


Trash 003 is in the middle of the road. While I wasn’t fond of the first set of BGMs, due to the lack of variety in the melody, the second set of BGMs and the “E.D.R.” theme make this album worth a look. That’s as long as you piggyback it to an existing VGM World order, to avoid being hit by shipping costs that are equal to the cost of the album.

Trash 003 Don Kotowski

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Posted on August 1, 2012 by Don Kotowski. Last modified on August 1, 2012.

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