Tomorrow is the Name of the Continuing World

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Tomorrow is the Name of the Continuing World
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April 25, 2015
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Following Supersweep’s Takahiro Eguchi’s successful paragraph solo album, Eguchi at the M3-2015 Spring event, released his most recent solo album, Tomorrow is the Name of the Continuing World under the MorningWelcome label. Featuring a blend of instrumental and vocal themes, how does this album compare to his other solo efforts?


The album opens with the titular track, “Tomorrow is the Name of the Continuing World.” It’s a beautiful vocal tune with lots of acoustic flair, a soft sound, and some beautifully integrated electronic elements into the accompaniment of the song. Following that, “Cross Message” is another pop inspired vocal that definitely has a bit of a Masashi Hamauzu sound in the playful accompaniment. One of the highlights of the song, however, is the pop rock chorus with its incredible catchy melody. “Dream Device” is an interesting tune and is certainly creative, but it does have its pitfalls. The introductory combination of woodwind, acoustic strings, and distorted synth make for an interesting juxtaposition, but not necessarily one that really fits the rest of the tune. After the extended intro, it moves into a bubbly synth led vocal, which is a bit more enjoyable.

“metrotiles” is an instrumental piece with its bright tone and its bubbly synthesizer elements. There is a great progression in the piece and although the melody isn’t the strongest on the album, it definitely manages to entertain. Another instrumental piece, “Silver Temple,” is done in Eguchi’s signature sound. There is an excellent blend of synthesized and Japanese instruments in its melody and the ethereal qualities of the backing synth really make for a beautiful listen. Another instrumental tune, “ocean,” is probably the least successful instrumental piece on the album, although by no means is it a terrible piece of music. There is a nice blend of industrial elements as well as beautiful passages, but it doesn’t grip nearly as much as some of the other melodies on the piece.

“Midnight Gramophone” is a very successful vocal theme that takes some creative liberties. The backing features acoustic guitar, light percussion, and synth. However, the vocals are processed to become choppy, making for a really nice experimental, but highly accessible, piece of music. “Balloon Clown” is a bit more straightforward with its upbeat synth/rock approach, but the vocals are good and it features an excellent chorus and a fun melody. One of the highlights on the album is the electronic vocal theme, “FLOATMIND,” done in Eguchi’s signature sound. It’s a high energy dance tune with an excellent melody, an excellent vocal performance, and plenty of bright synth accompaniment that really makes it shine.

“Transparency” is an excellent vocal theme, reminiscent of the softer sounds of paragraph. The vocals work quite well with the ethereal electronic accompaniment and the melody is top notch. “365 days” is an extended and modified version of “drive/70days” from last year’s Andromeda EP that Eguchi contributed to. It’s quite beautiful with its soft piano, ethereal synth, and choppy vocals making it quite a relaxing tune. Lastly, “Antique Memory” is another tune that would work quite well in paragraph. There is a nice ethereality and electronic component to this soft pop vocal. It closes the album quite well and is another highlight of the album.


While not quite as successful as paragraph, Eguchi’s latest solo album is still an extremely solid effort. It showcases a lot more diversity than paragraph, sometimes at a fault, but for the most part, the album is quite enjoyable and demonstrates Eguchi’s creative flair and willingness to experiment, even if not always successful. Fans of Eguchi’s work will certainly enjoy this original album.

Tomorrow is the Name of the Continuing World Don Kotowski

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Posted on July 23, 2015 by Don Kotowski. Last modified on July 24, 2015.


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