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Album Title:
Raging Loop Original Soundtrack
Record Label:
Sweep Record
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Release Date:
December 21, 2018
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The Raging Loop Original Soundtrack accompanies the game by the same name and is a visual novel realization of the “werewolves vs. townsfolk” game. Composed primarily by Takayuki Aihara, under the alias, NO‐NO₂, and with a few tracks by amphibian, it’s an eclectic soundtrack with a mix of music one might find in any visual novel. How does the end result turn out?


The album opens with “A Wish of Mist,” a rock and electronic tune that blends drum n’ bass, dubstep elements, vocals, spoken word, and electric guitar to much success. It is an aggressive tune, boasting a haunting and beautiful melody amidst a fast rhythm and electronic distortion. It is certainly more electronic forward than rock, but the electric guitar solos help the rock to the forefront and does so successfully. Another vocal theme is “LAST ACCELERATION,” a synth rock tune with a catchy melody and a great energy alongside a wonderful vocal performance. There is also a game music version of this tune, serving up a retro feel with its instrumental approach. In addition, there are two karaoke versions of the above vocals. Lastly, “Buddha’s Ashes Rock” closes the album with a rock tune with male vocals and plenty of percussion. It has a traditional Buddhist chant aspect to it. The performance is nice but the overall tune does fall a bit short compared to the other vocals on the album.

There are also a few tunes under the moniker “Pilgrimage of Recitation,” each portraying the same melody in a different way. The “Town Broadcast” version features bell tolls while the “Distortion” features distorted electronic tones and a creepy vocal. There is a “Music Box” rendition that is both mysterious and beautiful while the various vocal versions range from extremely beuatiful to disturbing. Other suspense and moody tunes include “Morning of Tragedy,” with its mysterious strings and piano, although it is a tad underwhelming while “Creeping Despair” blends high pitch piano, eerie vocal work, strings, and electronic to create a strong atmosphere. Likewise, “Banquet of Scheming” is a moody electronic piece with strings. While it doesn’t focus a lot on melody, it makes up for it in atmosphere.

Other tracks such as “Tranquility,” with its bright and joyful acoustic guitar, piano and synths brings a warm melody to the listening experience while “After Supper” features warm keyboard, a pop vibe and a general “feel-good” atmosphere alongside a nice melody. “Search for the Key” is a catchy piece with a strong melody that features jazzy piano chords, electronic and drum rhythms and choral aspects as well. “Pursuit Instincts” blends rock and electronica to create a gritty tune that is intense and dramatic. “Exodus,” with its rock and electronic approach is a tune full of contrast. The edgy guitar riffs alongside the bell tolls and electric guitar melody, especially when the notes are more drawn out, makes for an excellent listen. “YOMI” is another rock based tune that takes distorted electronic tone and combines it with haunting piano and vocal samples, both of which give it an otherworldly touch. It’s a wonderful tune and another highlight.


Overall, the Raging Loop Original Soundtrack certainly fits within the setting of the game. While there are plenty of moody tracks, some of which are hit and miss, the more melodically focused tunes, whether they be more upbeat or more rock focused, helps make the experience more engaging. The vocal tunes, for the most part, are also successful. Fans of Aihara’s work or visual novel soundtracks that tend towards atmospheric might enjoy this soundtrack.

Raging Loop Original Soundtrack Don Kotowski

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Posted on July 17, 2019 by Don Kotowski. Last modified on July 17, 2019.

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