nova galeria

 nova galeria Album Title:
nova galeria
Record Label:
LILT Records
Catalog No.
Release Date:
April 25, 2015
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nova galeria is the latest release from Hiroto Saitoh’s record label. Featuring original compositions featuring a blend of instrumentals and vocaloid compositions, how does this album compare to some of his earlier solo works?


The album opens with “Kaze Tsugi no Uta,” a Miku Hatsune vocaloid piece. It boasts a Latin soundscape, great rhythm, beautiful instrumental harmonies, and a fantastic melody. Saitoh is able to harness the vocaloid into something quite enjoyable. The next tune also features vocaloid, although it is much more minimal in approach compared to the full fledged vocal tunes. “Dusk and the Landscape of the City” is a jazzier tune with some rock influence and some excellent synth work.

“Tenjōmukyū” is another vocaloid tune. Taking a soft ballad-like approach, the drum pads, synth, and beautiful strings work really work quite wonderfully together to create one of the more endearing pieces on the album. “Fight for ‘Z'” features processed male vocals, and is a jazzy, upbeat electronic piece that also features a great melody. It’s definitely one of the highlights of the album.

“MYSTERiAVISTA” is another vocaloid tune that has a distinct Asian flavor and also features some beautiful woodwind passages, a memorable melody. “Kimi no naka no umi” is a beautiful instrumental ballad featuring ethereal synth, piano, and a stunning atmosphere. It’s another fantastic piece on the album and a great highlight.

My favorite tune on the album is “Girl and a gun.” This vocaloid piece opts for a trance-like dance tune that serves as the backdrop for a great melody and some wonderful jazzy piano. Lastly, “Flower storm” is a tune that has a battle theme-like vibe to it, reminiscent of something that a Falcom game might feature. The violin led melody is fantastic and the equally great percussion rhythm really helps to accentuate the piece.


Hiroto Saitoh’s latest effort is quite enjoyable. For those who dislike vocaloid music, this might not be as enjoyable a purchase, but for those that do, the variety of the vocaloid pieces, as well as the instrumental pieces, makes for an entertaining listen nonetheless. While not every piece manages to be as successful as some of the others, it still manages to be a solid release.

nova galeria Don Kotowski

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Posted on July 21, 2015 by Don Kotowski. Last modified on July 21, 2015.

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