Moon Breakers Soundtrack EP

Moon Breakers Soundtrack EP Album Title:
Moon Breakers Soundtrack EP
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Conan the Furky Music
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June 19, 2012
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Bear McCreary is still a newcomer to the video game scene, having scored only three soundtracks in the genre, SOCOM 4: U.S. Navy SEALs, Dark Void, and its 8-bit spinoff. But with respect to cinema, he is a veteran that has scored the music to some very high-profile television series, including Battlestar Galactica and The Walking Dead. With Moon Breakers, Bear McCreary returned to sci-fi territories to score a project of a much smaller scope: a free-to-play indie shooter. Though he only produced three tracks, was the music worthy of his career in quality?


The first track, “Theme from Moon Breakers”, is the shortest out of the bunch, but it certainly packs one heck of a punch. In the spirit of classic sci-fi scores, the electronic elements and the orchestra drive the introduction towards the catchy brass melody. As with the artist’s Battlestar Galactica, the horns are superb and the flourishes in the strings are sublime! The whole section is bombastic and then the action subsides for a few seconds, as the strings take the spotlight. It feels airy and subdued, but gorgeous. As soon as you take a breath, the action returns and it’s frantic than before. The piece has such complexity and structure in its composition that I am just blown away. It is so fun to listen to — it gets me fired up and ready to fly my ship through the vast unknowns of space.

The second track, “Clans of the Space Pirates”, is the longest composition in the EP, clocking in at 7:04. Most pieces of this length tend to be too drawn out and about halfway through they lose steam and fail to capture the listener further; however, this is not the case. It starts with heavy low register electronic sounds, strings, and bagpipes, above an addictive and well-layered beat. The orchestral instruments add even more to the sound as they only intensify the action. There isn’t a solid melody throughout, but that is trivial compared to the sheer fun of the piece. Halfway through, the music changes a little and allows the guitar take the spotlight and my ears are treated to some interesting effects. Then suddenly when things relax, the brass and percussion punch their way in abruptly. This certainly is an effective way to return to the action. One thing that I like with McCreary’s writing here is that he demands your attention by adding different instruments. For example at 4:59, he throws in a harp run which only appears at that part. It is well placed and is a pleasant surprise. I really love the fusion work that McCreary accomplishes between the Celtic, Middle Eastern, orchestra, and electronic elements. Superb!

“Government Armada” is the most orchestral theme out the group, yet it still contains electronic beats. The militaristic sound is taken to a different level in this composition. It depicts the might of the Government Armada — reserved, yet like a titan when provoked — with a melody that is strong and identifiable. Although the ending section receive more development and instrumentation, I find this composition could have been shortened by a couple of minutes as it takes a little too long to progress. The last piece presented is an extension of the main theme, “Theme from Moon Breakers”. It feels more complete due to the addition of another softer section which features flute, though this is the transient as the brass and orchestra soon end the track with a bang. This theme is so well written that I probably could put it on repeat and hear it all day. Bravo!


After hearing this bombastic and ethnically fused score, I must say that I am a fan of what Bear McCreary has achieved here. He clearly enjoys writing for this genre and the music is testament to that. I had a blast listening to the addictive main theme and the exotic nature of “Clans of the Space Pirates”. “Government Armada”, even though a little slow to develop, is enjoyable also. This EP can only be purchased on iTunes and Amazon, but for less than 4 USD, listeners can receive almost twenty minutes of music. In times like these, a deal like that is hard to come by. And what’s more, it will leave you overly satisfied and completely entertained.

Moon Breakers Soundtrack EP Josh Barron

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Posted on August 1, 2012 by Josh Barron. Last modified on August 1, 2012.

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Josh Barron is a composer who is most known for his Kingdom Hearts Piano Collection from Gamingforce and SquareSound forums as well as Xenogears Light | An Arrange Album by OneUp Studios. He has contributed to many other fan arrangement projects including the Chrono Cross Piano Collection and has had performances up on YouTube by purpleschala. He actively works for Ronime Studios in addition to currently working on getting his first game album completed which features arrangements from various titles written for string orchestra. Check out the preview of Fang's Theme on his Soundcloud! In his spare time, Josh reviews soundtrack albums for VGMOnline and in the past has reviewed albums for Square Enix Music Online. Those who are looking to check out his work can do so at

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