hinemosu yomosugara

 hinemosu Album Title:
hinemosu yomosugara
Record Label:
Hiroyuki Kawada
Catalog No.:
Release Date:
March 24, 2017
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hinemosu yomosugara, which means “all day long, all night long,” is an original EP released by Hiroyuki Kawada, known for his works at Namco since the 1980s, and was made for people to enjoy their day comfortably as they listened to the music. The album primarily features a minimalist electronic approach. How does the end result turn out?


The album opens with “asanasana,” which opens up with an alarm going off and a yawn before moving into a bright and cheerful tune with a piano and synthesizer focus with the occasional strings accompaniment, and dance rhythms. Its peppy nature really starts off the album on a high note. Following “asanasana” is “utsusemi,” which takes a more ambient, atmospheric approach with a more retro touch to the melody with a bit of a desert RPG theme sound to it while the second half becomes a bit more relaxing as it progresses and a bit more futuristic in nature. Third is “hinemosu,” featuring funky retro rhythms, synths, and vocoder accompanied by jazzy piano sections. “yoiyami” is certainly going to be met with mixed views. Featuring discorded vocal samples, a minimalist electronic approach with a bit of an industrial flair and funk, the first portion of the tune can be a bit cacophonic at times and a bit offputting. However, the latter half of the tune greatly improves the overall experience with the addition of jazzy piano. This tune is certainly a slow burner. Lastly, “yorunotobari” closes the album with an expressive jazz piece performed solely by piano. The melody is excellent and the overall mood is wonderful. It certainly feels as though I’m listening to the tune in a jazz bar in the dead of night.


Hiroyuki Kawada’s first mini album, hinemosu yomosugara, is an interesting release that does manage to succeed most of the time. The opening and ending tunes are certainly the highlights while some of the tunes in the middle can have their own ups and downs. Overall, fans of Kawada’s work will certainly find something to enjoy here.

hinemosu yomosugara Don Kotowski

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Posted on September 13, 2017 by Don Kotowski. Last modified on September 13, 2017.


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