Grandia Arrange Version -Vent-

Grandia Arrange Version -Vent- Album Title:
Grandia Arrange Version -Vent-
Record Label:
King Records
Catalog No.:
Release Date:
February 4, 1998
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Grandia Arrange Version: Vent is an arranged album for Grandia created by Noriyuki Iwadare. I found it to be very odd the way they arranged the tracks, but it still remains an enjoyable listen. Many different influences are found throughout the album, including Celtic, Classical, Spanish, and even J-Pop music. So begins the search for familiarity.


The first opening track reminds one of Celtic music, what with the fiddle being played with short stabs at the violin or viola. A short bongo beat is also played in the background which gives it a somewhat upbeat feel to the piece. One odd thing is that it doesn’t seem THAT upbeat at the same time. Dynamic yet relaxed. A very odd feel, indeed. “Lily”, the third track, is another upbeat arrangement. The violin plays along with the piano and they both take turns making a statement. A constant tambourine beat is played in the background, as well as a stick hit. A pretty sweet piece that’ll make you happy the whole time.

“Shadow Man” is probably the only dark song you’ll hear on the whole album. The string ensemble plays very hard and climactic moments seem to be reached several times throughout. The shear energy placed in this arrangement make it noteworthy on its own and the ending is simply marvellous. “Palm’s Sake Bar” is probably one of the best accordion tracks I’ve heard in a long while. The accordion is played along with, I believe, a moog and these two are the only thing that carry the arrangement along the first half, with a bass drum and a constant finger snap before a wedding jingle is played. A very smooth theme that almost everyone will enjoy.

Continuing along, “Gadwin Pathos” invokes the qualities of Classical and Spanish music to create a very somber melody. This track would accompany any scene in which a character is suffering from any sort of malady very nicely. Oh, if only my classical side was well versed, I could easily tell you what the constant bass-like sound was. Throughout the piece, till the chorus arrives, a constant plucking sound is heard, most likely a cello, and then it’s strummed along with the rest of the string ensemble. The pain-stricken horn is played with so much passion as well. A really outstanding track.

“Theme of Grandia” is a great piece as well. It basically throws all the instruments present throughout the album in the bunch. The horn, piano, and violin section all take turns pulling the piece along while a stand up bass plays in the background. Very sweet song as well. Probably the only instrument not played here is the accordion.


The odd thing about this whole album as I was mentioning early is the arrangement selection. In the beginning of the album, a very happy, upbeat piece is played, then a very sad one, and then a very upbeat song again! It defies all laws of track order, I tell you. I would very much have liked it arranged in another fashion, but other than that, this is a very enjoyable listen with styles ranging from around the world, literally. I whole-heartedly urge all to give it a try.

Grandia Arrange Version -Vent- Ersatz

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Posted on August 1, 2012 by Ersatz. Last modified on August 1, 2012.

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