Final Fantasy VII -Advent Children- Original Soundtrack

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Final Fantasy VII -Advent Children- Original Soundtrack
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Square Enix
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September 28, 2005
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As was with the movie, The Spirits Within, it was expected that a soundtrack to the Final Fantasy VII movie sequel, Final Fantay VII -Advent Children- would be released. I really didn’t care much about Final Fantay VII -Advent Children- until I heard samples of tracks from the CD. I was amazed of how the ‘great’ Nobuo Uematsu could compose. That’s why I went online and purchased this soundtrack. Now some may say that the Final Fantay VII -Advent Children- Original Soundtrack is not as good as its predecessor, and they’re right. However, they also say that this soundtrack isn’t good. I disagree. Read my review to find out why.


“Opening” opens the first of two discs included with the Final Fantay VII -Advent Children- Original Soundtrack. It’s basically an orchestrated version of the classic Final Fantasy VII FMV opening without the “Bombing Mission” part. However, the next track, “The Promised Land,” is entirely a vocal piece. There is absolutely no instruments in it whatsoever. The next tracks could be called remakes. “Beyond the Wasteland” being a different version of “Those Chosen by the Planet,” “Tifa’s Theme” being the version included in the Final Fantasy VII Piano Collections, and “Those Who Fight” also included with the Piano Collections.

The next three tracks are new ones. Nothing special about them. Just tracks to go with their respective movie sequences. “Aerith’s Theme” was also included with the Piano Collections, although, in my opinion, isn’t as good as the classic from the original game. “Battle in the Forgotten City” is a great battle theme. I just wish it could’ve been longer. To round off Disc One, Keiji Kawamori and Tsuyoshi Sekito arrange a much shorter version of “The Great Northern Cave.” It’s almost 2:00 long, and it feels more dark and mysterious.

The second disc starts of with the amazing piece, “Divinity I.” A vocal and symphonic theme, it’s a great way to start off. “Those Who Fight” and “Those Who Fight Further,” not to be mistaken with the Final Fantasy VII counterparts, which are totally different from these versions, are next. “Divinity II” continues the track list. Much like “Divinity I,” the track emphasises vocals, but it’s not as fast and suspenseful. Now, the next part is where we get two remakes. “J-E-N-O-V-A” is much like the Black Mages version but is shorter and does not have the extra melody added to it.

Finally, “Advent: One Winged Angel” is like the orchestrated version from the Final Fantasy VII Reunion Tracks, but, 39 seconds into it, the guitar and drums kick in. This is where this version shines. New lyrics have been added to it, making it fit with the movie. Kenichiro Fukui has also added extra parts to the song, my personal favorite being at 3:14. A guitar solo starts with vocals coming in at 3:30. The combination is excellent. The rest of the CD is the ending themes, plus an extra vocal song called “CALLING” by Kyosuke Himuro. I’m not a big fan of mainstream vocal tracks, but this one excels in comparison to others. I actually enjoyed it.


The Final Fantay VII -Advent Children- Original Soundtrack should definitely be considered a classic to all Final Fantasy fans. Some tracks may be dull or boring, but tracks like “Battle in the Forgotten City,” “Divinity I,” “Advent: One Winged Angel,” and the piano led “Tifa’s Theme,” “Aerith’s Theme,” and “Those Who Fight” make up for it. This soundtrack could’ve been better — more arrangements could’ve been added and maybe a few bonus tracks. However, although it does suffer a little bit, the Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Original Soundtrack is one soundtrack that I recommend to everyone.

Final Fantasy VII -Advent Children- Original Soundtrack Chris McGuffin

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Posted on August 1, 2012 by Chris McGuffin. Last modified on January 19, 2016.

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