Final Fantasy X: feel / Go Dream

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Final Fantasy X: feel / Go Dream
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October 11, 2001
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Final Fantasy X had a prominent love story. Yuna and Tidus had their own tragic stories to contend with too. Feel / Go Dream is a tribute to the two characters and their love for each other.


“Feel” is Yuna’s song, which adapted from “Song of Prayer”. It’s given a pop music overhaul with jazz and oriental undertones, all complemented by lovely lyrics. The result is an extremely well produced song, which, if translated to English, could probably have been in the UK charts! It’s unlike any other Square song I’ve heard before and is a welcome diversion. It will stick in your head for days on end.

“Go Dream” is Tidus’ song, taken from his theme from the game. It’s given the Stadium Rock treatment. Sadly, the singer’s voice doesn’t suit it at all. It brings what could have been an absolute killer of an anthem down to just a standard song. It’s a shame, but it’s still nothing to turn your nose up at. “Endless Love, Endless Road” is a duet between the two vocalists that is done in the more traditional style. This is a beautiful tune that grows on you the more you listen to it. The vocalists perform well together here too.

The remaining three tracks are instrumentals of the previous three so you can have a go at singing them yourself. See if you can do a better job on “Go Dream”, which is always good fun, or you could just simply listen to the great music.


Despite being a very short album, it has a very cheap price. Feel / Go Dream is definitely worth the money in my opinion, though some are more critical.

Final Fantasy X: feel / Go Dream Simon Smith

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Posted on August 1, 2012 by Simon Smith. Last modified on August 1, 2012.

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