Final Fantasy X-2 Vocal Collection -Rikku-

Final Fantasy X-2 Vocal Collection -Rikku- Album Title:
Final Fantasy X-2 Vocal Collection -Rikku-
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July 16, 2003
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Three vocal collections were created to commemorate the female lead characters of Final Fantasy X-2. These three albums each have four tracks each, with the first being an arrangement of their main theme, the second being an original melody, and the final tracks featuring their karaoke versions. The Final Fantasy X-2 Vocal Collection -Rikku- album contains the tracks “Barefoot Miracle” and “Without You”, sung by Marika Matsumoto as Rikku.


An arrangement of Rikku’s main theme, “Barefoot Miracle,” features as the first track on the album. All in all, this is a jolly and upbeat track, with the lyrics showing Rikku’s cheeky yet immature side. However, it is no match to the original, given Marika Matsumoto has one of the least appealing voices I have heard. She captures the cute girly character of Rikku quite well, but is so poorly intonated and harshly toned that she is simply intolerable. The most inappropriate part of the track is that Rikku starts to rap, with lyrics such as “You run off quickly, barefoot, let’s fly to the destination on the map!” The instrumentation is the same as in the original, with a ska-inspired brass part, but they’re not particularly inspiring.

The next track is a lot more emotional than “Barefoot Miracle” and a decent ballad. The start of “Without You” is gentle and innocent, with Rikku talking of a past love. However, the track comes to life with a guitar, piano, and synthesizer section. The best bit of the track comes towards at 3:45, where a dramatic electric guitar solo leads out the track with all it has. No doubt many will reminisce about the story of Final Fantasy X and its sequel while listening to this piece. However, its immature performance and derivative format will mean it will only hold a niche appeal among Japanese nostalgics.

There are also two karaoke tracks on this release, in addition to a DVD featuring a music video, vocalist interview, and game promotion movie. Not bad, but it’s probably the two songs that most people want to hear.


Final Fantasy X-2 Vocal Collection -Rikku- doesn’t feature bad compositions and portrays the character quite well. However, it is ruined by a seiyuu who simply cannot sing. It is the least impressive release in a trilogy of vocal albums.

Final Fantasy X-2 Vocal Collection -Rikku- Dave Valentine

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Posted on August 1, 2012 by Dave Valentine. Last modified on August 1, 2012.

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