Final Fantasy X-2 Vocal Collection -Paine-

Final Fantasy X-2 Vocal Collection -Paine- Album Title:
Final Fantasy X-2 Vocal Collection -Paine-
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July 16, 2003
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Three vocal collections were created to commemorate the female lead characters of Final Fantasy X-2. These three albums each have four tracks each, with the first being an arrangement of their main theme, the second being an original melody, and the final tracks featuring their karaoke versions. The Final Fantasy X-2 Vocal Collection -Paine- album contains the tracks “Sleeping Thoughts” and “Misty Eyed,” sung by Megumi Toyoguchi as Paine.


“Sleeping Thoughts” takes upon a similar style to the soundtrack version, but this time the instrumentation is so enhanced, especially with the vocal line replacing the misplaced xylophone line. This really brings richness and personality to the somewhat disordered lyrics. The melodies are also interpreted on the piano in a way that adds a mysterious quality approrpiate for the character. The enigmatic tone is amplified even further through the lyrics — Paine (Megumi Toyoguchi) sings of how her thoughts cannot be told, and how she hopes that the feelings she shuts in will be washed away by time.

“Misty Eyed” beings with some accidentally ‘M rated’ lyrics through a poor Japanese to English translation. This new composition features a completely different atmosphere to “Sleeping Thoughts” with its slow rhythms and ambient instrumentation. Although it does eventually bore, the minimalist approach to the track is effective since it inspires listeners to focus on the shape and lyrics of the melody. In comparison to “Sleeping Thoughts” it pales in melodic development, yet it excels in creating an atmosphere.

There are also two karaoke tracks on this release, in addition to a DVD featuring a music video, vocalist interview, and game promotion movie. Not bad, but it’s probably the two songs that most people want to hear.


Final Fantasy X-2 Vocal Collection -Paine- takes a steady lateral approach to portraying Paine as a mysterious character. Although this doesn’t seem at first effective, listening to the lyrics may be revealing. It is a decent release, though may be too sparing in its contents to be worth purchasing.

Final Fantasy X-2 Vocal Collection -Paine- Dave Valentine

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Posted on August 1, 2012 by Dave Valentine. Last modified on August 1, 2012.

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