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Cyber Org Original Soundtrack
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April 21, 1999
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Like video game music? That’s great!! Enjoy hard rock music, like the Guilty Gear series? Wonderful!! The music in Cyber Org is hard rock at it’s finest and, so far, being the only Square game to be composed in the style, brings in a new style of rock music. The composer, Yoshihiro Sato, strove to perform his music in an unusual fasion for video games: it appears that it is all done using live guitars, instead of the usual synthesizer. The music itself sounds so clear that it is difficult to believe they managed to put such high quality music onto the PlayStation.


Now that the intro is over with, let’s get down to the good stuff. Sato mixes hard rock with orchestral samples seamlessly. Instead of getting the usual head-bangin’ rock, Cyber Org proposes a deeper listening experience, as you’ll have some pieces that are completely orchestral in nature. An example of hard rock is the opening theme, entitled “Bor Sorte 11.” This track just pulls you right in and won’t let go until it’s over; by the end of the track, Sato goes nuts as he plays his guitar really REALLY fast!! How can a person play that fast? I wonder.

Another track that has intensity written all over it is “Black Vice,” which is used during combats that must be completed before you’re able to move onto the next room in the game. It shows off the heat of battle quite well. The boss theme, entitled “Rose of Versailles,” begins with a swift piano intro, only to be succeeded by electric guitars, which continuously builds to a very epic theme. About half-way through a piano creeps in only to be quickly swallowed by electric guitars once more. Everything ends with a bang, making it one of the most interesting boss themes I’ve heard in a while.

Sato is also capable of producing ambient themes, such as the spacey “Darkness” — you can easily imagine a ship floating through space by listening to it. The best part is during the middle where we are treated to a delicious piano solo that is soon accompanied by a choir, helping to represent the emptiness of space — very eerie music, but beautiful at the same time. “The Bargon Empire” is mostly comprised of drums, strings, and a bit of the acoustic guitar thrown into the mix. Trumpets flare up in the climax of the track representing the coldness of a tyrant, a fitting villain theme in my opinion.

Fan of guitar and strings? Then “Transilvania” might be up your alley. It is backed up constantly by jingle bells in the background. Don’t expect a happy-go-lucky theme here, but a dark and entrancing melody. A theme like this would fit right in with Castlevania — try to prove me wrong as you listen to it. Fans of Shimomura, rejoice!! Sato seems to enjoy her organ/piano motif as this is what you’re getting in “Requiem.” It starts off with the organ playing a haunting melody, but quickly the piano takes the lead, building until it reaches its peak. The result is a well done track, as usual.

Other than the original tracks, Sato has included a wonderful arranged medley that no piano/orchestra lover should pass by. This piece, entitled “Symphony No. 1,” has all the elements to become a candidate for an actual orchestral performance; it has good composition, sounds great, and gives the listener nearly 10 minutes of musical bliss.


So, in conclusion, this is a little known Original Soundtrack that deserves much more attention. Hard rock and piano enthusiasts should look this gem up. At the time of the writing, this soundtrack is only available from Game Music Online. If you ever happen to shop there, be sure to pick this one up — it’s worth the money for such high-quality music composition and sound, quality-wise.

Cyber Org Original Soundtrack Luc Nadeau

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Posted on August 1, 2012 by Luc Nadeau. Last modified on August 1, 2012.

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