Breath of Fire V -Dragon Quarter- Mini Soundtrack

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Breath of Fire V -Dragon Quarter- Mini Soundtrack
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September 20, 2002
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This little promotional item preceded the release of Capcom’s fifth Breath of Fire installment in 2002 and contains five tracks from the score as a preview.


The music data itself is generally identical to the final versions, with minor variations from the original pieces. The aspect listeners will pick up on most is the different synth programming. Unfortunately it’s nothing to get excited about, as the difference is slight and pretty much negligible.

Still, it seems that “Calmato” (the initial version of “Lowest Sector Borough”) has a warmer, fuller sound than its final version, and “Boss Battle” (or “Maddening Heart”) is noticeably more dynamic. “Main” is an alternate version of “Prologue” and is the most different with a whole phrase replaced (wow), while “First Town” (“Low Sector Borough”) presents a few instrumental passages that were ultimately turned down in volume. “Battle” has no discernable differences from its original version.


In short, even though this mini album is virtually unattainable, it is just a mini album and, while a nice little demo of the soundtrack, doesn’t have any reason to be a part of your collection. Unless, of course, you’re a collector.

Breath of Fire V -Dragon Quarter- Mini Soundtrack Joe Schwebke

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Posted on August 1, 2012 by Joe Schwebke. Last modified on January 23, 2016.

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