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Axiom Verge Soundtrack
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March 30, 2015
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Axiom Verge is a Metroid-inspired platformer released for PC/Mac and PS4. The entire game, from programming, game design to the art and music was, created by Tom Happ. How do the efforts of his work on the soundtrack turn out as a whole?


The album opens with the main theme, “The Axiom,” which really helps portray the overall theme of the soundtrack. It’s mysterious, futuristic, foreboding, and industrial and features a fantastic melody to boot. When I first heard it, my mind immediately thought of the Metroid series, which, I’m sure, was the intended thought. This theme is reprised in a few other themes, but is most apparent in “The Dream,” which takes the theme and gives it a bit more of a mysterious flair and a slightly softer sound overall.

There are also a lot of atmospheric pieces on the soundtrack. “Otherworld” is an eerie piece that just oozes atmosphere with its synth melody and industrial backing. Another great atmospheric piece is “Rusalka,” with its chilling piano melody. The minimalistic approach of this piece makes for a very haunting atmosphere. Another tune to feature piano is “Vital Tide,” another atmospheric piece featuring piano and distorted synthesizer used to create an eerie effect. Other favorites on the album include “Inexorable” with its exotic vocal samples, tense nature, and great melody as well as “Cellular Skies” with its dance vibe, slower tempo, and beautiful synth work.

There are also three themes related to the main character,  Trace. The first, “Trace Awakens,” carries the mysterious nature of the main theme into the mix. There are a lot of great synth effects in this piece and hearing it in-game for the first time really helps reinforce the style of music present on the soundtrack. “Trace Rising” is an upbeat tune featuring an excellent melody and one that is extremely catchy as well. It is one of the strongest pieces on the soundtrack and one that I find myself coming back to all the time. Lastly, “Trace Reborn” also reprises the main theme of the game. There’s a wonderful melody present in this piece and it gives off a nice sense of finality as well.


While I haven’t mentioned all the tunes on the soundtrack, the entire soundtrack from start to finish fits extremely well in the game, helping to craft the mood that the player will experience while playing. There’s a great blend of strong melodies and strong atmospheric pieces that help break things up. My only minor complaint would be that, to some, the soundtrack might not be as engaging if you haven’t played the game or aren’t a fan of atmospheric music and the  bonus track featured at the end, while nice, isn’t nearly as strong as many of the original soundtrack pieces.

Axiom Verge Soundtrack Don Kotowski

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Posted on August 4, 2015 by Don Kotowski. Last modified on January 22, 2016.

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