Thousand Memories Original Soundtrack Vol. 3

 thousandmemoriesv3 Album Title:
Thousand Memories Original Soundtrack Vol. 3
Record Label:
noisycroak Records
Catalog No.:
Release Date:
September 20, 2016
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The Thousand Memories Original Soundtrack Vol. 3 is the third digital release for music for the mobile game of the same name. Composed by Keisuke Ito of noisycroak, how does it compare to the first two volumes?


The album opens with “When There is a Will, There is a Way,” a militaristic march with a decent B section melody with its woodwind and softer sounds. However, it fails to stand out in a meaningful way. “Victory March” also features a martial sound but incorporates industrial tones, electronic elements, and operatic vocals to create a decent atmosphere, but is largely forgettable. Similarly, “DEAD OR ALIVE” is a percussion focused bass line with strings and brass in the melody line that features choir and some industrial tones. It’s dramatic and tense, but once again, forgettable. Likewise, “Clash of Powers” features both electronic and orchestral elements with a focus on dramatic choir, but comes off more generic, despite having a decent atmosphere.

“Brilliant Dream” is a tune with a Hamauzu-esque sound. Electronic beats, strings, chimes, and harp contribute to an ethereal quality to the tune with a melody that is quite upbeat and is a decent tune overall. “To the Glorious Future” also has a Hamauzu-like sound, at times, particularly in the melody. The overall tone is one of a celebratory march, but doesn’t stand out overall. “Blossom Dance” is one of the more unique tunes on the soundtrack, combining light electronic and woodwinds to give off a Falcom/Gust like sound. The end result is a tune with a clear Asian influence in its melody. Similarly, “VS Asura” incorporates techno beats, light orchestral elements, and a stronger focus on Japanese instruments, but it feels out of place on the album.

Uninspired is “Journey of Treasure,” has a very generic Pirates of the Caribbean sound with its high seas orchestral approach with choir. The melody itself is serviceable, but the end result is unappealing. “Devil’s Cry” is a tense tune with an edgy sound thanks to the electronic elements  while the orchestral aspects help to build atmosphere. The end result is a decent tune. “Light of Hope” offers electronic beats and a strings driven melody that gives the tune a sense of innocence, although the end result doesn’t’ particularly stand out either. “Road to Knights” is a tune featuring operatic vocals, distorted electronic tones, and techno beats. The end result is an atmospheric tune, but one that isn’t too special either. Lastly, “Symphony of the Night” redeems slightly with its jazzy piano and techno beats while boasting a decent melody.


Compared to the previous two volumes, this one certainly continues the hybridized approach with fairly decent production values, but many of the tunes on this volume fail to stand out, sound generic, or are forgettable. I’d recommend the first two volumes over this one, but if you are a completionist, perhaps this is for you.

Thousand Memories Original Soundtrack Vol. 3 Don Kotowski

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Posted on October 17, 2017 by Don Kotowski. Last modified on October 16, 2017.

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