Thousand Memories Original Soundtrack Vol. 2

 thousandmemoriesv2 Album Title:
Thousand Memories Original Soundtrack Vol. 2
Record Label:
noisycroak Records
Catalog No.:
Release Date:
September 20, 2016
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The Thousand Memories Original Soundtrack Vol. 2 is a digital release for music for the mobile game of the same name. Composed by Keisuke Ito of noisycroak, how does this effort compare to the first volume?


The album opens with “The Beginning,” a dark and dramatic orchestral tune that sets a mood, but doesn’t really stand out. Similarly, “Fear Looming” is tense, ominous, orchestral filler. “Road of Truth” switches up the tone to something more upbeat. It’s orchestral in nature, has a Hamauzu-esque accompaniment, synth choir, and with a strings dominated melody that is airy and beautiful. It’s certainly one of the standouts on the release. “Bravely Returners” features dramatic choir and ominous orchestral tones to create a tense tune with a melody that lacks in engagement, although there are some aspects that have a slightly more engaging melody when the tune takes on a marginally heroic sound.

“Capital of Spirits ~Overonia~” is an ethereal strings driven tune with a mystical sound. Operatic female vocals take center stage and the overall tune is more atmospheric and has a slight Sakimoto-esque touch to the music. Out of place with the rest of the album is “Tropical Beach,” an upbeat synth tune with a tropical vibe and dance beats. The melody itself is quite fun, which lends itself well to being one of the better melodies on the release.

Both “In the Name of Punitive Corps” and “Evil War” both sport a similar sound with the former featuring operatic vocals, dramatic orchestral tones, nice brass melodies, light electronic elements, and a sinister, yet motivating, atmosphere. The latter features more prominent vocals in the same style with excellent brass melodies. “Road to the Strongest” is dark, gritty, and incorporates bass guitar into the accompaniment. Operatic vocals take center stage once more and there are a lot more electronic elements.

“Battle Anthem of Soul” is a dramatic orchestral tune with male choir in a similar fashion. The atmosphere is decent, but the end result is a bit lacking and generic. “Theme from LEGEND OF THIRTEEN” is an upbeat orchestral tune with an adventurous melody. It’s a decent tune but one that fails to stand out. “Battle Glory -LEGEND OF THIRTEEN-” is a rock/orchestral tune that has a bit of a Falcom-esque sound. It’s engaging and very percussive with a nice melody that has a bit of a classical sound. Lastly, “Battle of Bonds -LEGEND OF THIRTEEN-” is another rock/orchestral tune with choir that, while enjoyable, comes off as a bit generic. The piano and strings melody is fantastic and the drums and electric guitar are very Falcom-esque.


Compared to the first volume, the second volume still offers a hybridized approach to the music. However, there is a bit more filler in this soundtrack and some of the tunes come off sounding more generic than the previous soundtrack. There are a lot of influences from other composers in the field, but Keisuke Ito’s sound for the series is still present.

Thousand Memories Original Soundtrack Vol. 2 Don Kotowski

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Posted on October 16, 2017 by Don Kotowski. Last modified on October 16, 2017.

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