The Stone


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The Stone
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January 14, 2019
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The Stone, released under TENSHI RECORDSis an album composed by Supersweep (no individual credits given) aimed at providing more relaxing, healing style music and isn’t necessarily catered to the video game music community. Themed around the concept of crystals, it provides an interesting soundscape that does differ quite a bit from the typical Supersweep sound. How does this experiment turn out?


The album opens up with “Iolite,” a track combining synthesizer tones, both cold and warm, to create an ambient and atmospheric tune that sets the stage for the relaxing music to come. “Crack quartz” features warm keyboard passages and chimes and is a bit more melodic in approach. “Apophyllite” features an ascending synth sound amidst its crystalline synths and atmosphere, while “Lemrianseed” is a chill tune with synth accompaniment, modified vocal samples, and takes on a spiritual/peaceful vibe as it progresses. “Selenite,” on the other hand, blends waves crashing with chimes and warm synths, although the droning accompaniment does get a bit bland after a while.

“Kunzite” is a more synth forward tune blending ambient synths with acoustic guitar to create a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere, but one with a futuristic sound while “Rhodonite” is ambient and warm with breeze sound effects. “Desert roses” is perhaps the standout of the album, featuring a beautiful melody, keyboard, chiptune sounds all supporting a dreamy and ethereal soundscape. I’d love to see more like this in future releases. “Charoite” blends chimes and ethereal synths to create a peaceful sound, but is largely indistinguishable. Lastly, “Celestite” brings acoustic guitar, piano, ethereal synths, and chimes to a warm, welcoming sound.


In the end, The Stone is certainly not going to be for everyone, especially those who prefer more active music. However, the soundscapes provided generally succeed in creating a peaceful,relaxing, and often meditative environment and are more on par with luana in terms of success as opposed to Nebula.

The Stone Don Kotowski

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Posted on May 31, 2019 by Don Kotowski. Last modified on May 31, 2019.


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Currently residing in Philadelphia. I spend my days working in vaccine characterization and dedicate some of my spare time in the evening to the vast world of video game music, both reviewing soundtracks as well as maintaining relationships with composers overseas in Europe and in Japan.

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