Tekken Tag Tournament 2 EGC PETA Mix Extra Disc

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 EGC PETA Mix Extra Disc Album Title:
Tekken Tag Tournament 2 EGC PETA Mix Extra Disc
Record Label:
Sweep Record
Catalog No.:
Release Date:
November 17, 2011
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Released as a bonus for those who ordered the Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Original Soundtrack from the the Sweep Record store, the Tekken Tag Tournament 2 EGC PETA Mix Extra Disc features an extensive megamix by SuperSweep’s Takahiro Eguchi, featuring a variety of themes from the game. How does it turn out?


One of the good things about this megamix is that it is a lengthy 30 minutes long. In addition, I think that Takahiro Eguchi chose some great themes to include in the megamix and manages to transition and place them in an order that makes a lot of sense. The theme opens with Taku Inoue’s “F.F.Y.R.,” before progressing to “The Strongest Iron Arena -Silver Mix-” by Akitaka Tohyama. I particularly like the transition between these two themes as the electronic components from “F.F.Y.R.” really manage to strengthen the rock tone heard in the beginning of “The Strongest Iron Arena.”

From there, the medley transitions to “Aim to Win” providing a bunch of new energy to keep the listener captivated. I really like the segue of “Aim to Win” to Sano’s “School -After School Mix-.” It keeps the energy flowing and I love the addition of the vocoder sampling from the latter in the former. The transition to “Tool Pusher” is quite nice as well and brings the mix into a bit of a darker territory, but it works quite well, I think. It is a bit strange to transition from such a dark, heavy track to the festive “Sadistic Xmas” by Keiichi Okabe and, in many ways, it doesn’t really transition, but almost cuts directly to it. Perhaps not the best choice, given the seamless transition of many of the themes on the mix, but it does give focus to one of the more organic tunes on the album.

The development from “Sadistic Xmas” to “IT’S NOT A TUNA” is a bit better, but still rather hard to pull off, but fortunately Eguchi manages to redeem with things with “Abyss of Time,” putting the seamless transition back to the forefront. It’s also quite interesting hearing the psytrance and hard techno beats working together rather nicely. The mix ends with “What you will see” and the transition from the frenetic “Abyss of Time” to the mellow “What will you see” is a bit disturbing at first, but entirely fitting. Ending on this track is quite fitting and as I mentioned in my review, is the crowning achievement of the original soundtrack.


In the end, I think that Eguchi’s megamix for Tekken Tag Tournament 2 manages to capture the varied nature of the soundscape featured the original soundtrack and is an extremely satisfying mix that lasts for 30 minutes. It really works well as a track to listen to if you want an abbreviated version of the soundtrack, as it choses some of the best tracks on the soundtrack as well. If you have a chance, definitely try to pick this up alongside your copy of the soundtrack, if you are able to.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 EGC PETA Mix Extra Disc Don Kotowski

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Posted on August 1, 2012 by Don Kotowski. Last modified on August 1, 2012.

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