Street Fighter Compilation “RE:”MIX Chiptune

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Street Fighter Compilation “RE:”MIX Chiptune
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October 1, 2014
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Capcom’s record label, Suleputer, has started a new CD series that takes their classic franchises and turns them into remixes with a focus on chiptune, but also with the inclusion of modern electronic elements. The second album in the series, Street Fighter Compilation “RE:”MIX Chiptune, tackles the well-regarded soundtrack to Street Fighter II. Featuring a variety of artists, such as sasakure.UK and Professor Sakamoto, it boasts a plethora of styles. What is the end result of this compilation album, especially compared to the first album in the series?


The album opens with sasakure.UK’s “Chun-Li (sasakure.UK Gomenne! Kung-Fu Remix).” This tune sets the tone for most of the album, featuring a strong chiptune melody, some great electronic accompaniment, and even some samples from the character’s voice in the original SNES game. There are some great bridges and interludes that really help break the track up and make the track much more dynamic. “Dhalsim (TEKINA Remix),” by DJ’TEKINA//SOMETHING is another interesting remix that blends together chiptune and dubstep quite successfully. I really like the dichotomy in this track, with the chiptune and ethnic melodic blend being abruptly interrupted by the inclusion of “Yoga Fire” before the dubstep drop. Similarly, baker’s “Guile (aggressive Remix)” blends a strong chiptune melody with elements of dubstep, drum n’ bass, as well as steady dance beats. Interestingly, the use of Guile’s vocal samples (“Sonic Boom”) really makes for an interesting addition that work well to accentuate the overall experience.

Hige Driver’s “Ryu (Hige Driver Remix)” is another successful track in the vein of Chun-Li’s remix, with its focus on a strong chiptune driven melody, plenty of fun dance elements, including some dubstep influenced sections, some wobble bass, and a great tempo. Speaking of a strong chiptune driven melody, Professor Sakamoto’s “Ken (8bit Tornado Remix),” is entirely chiptune, and is done in the style of Megaman, making for an extremely powerful remix that is catchy, has a great tempo, and really captures the spirit of the original. “Zangief (michitomo Remix),” by michitomo, is another dance remix, with a more standard beat, that is quite enjoyable. It’s a bit less creative than some of the other remixes, but it is still enjoyable.

HyperJuice’s “E. Honda (HyperJuice 1,000,000 hand slap Remix)” isn’t as dance focused as a lot of the album, focusing more on a chiptune with some modern synth approach and some lighter electronic tones. Overall, it’s an enjoyable remix and one that still manages to work with the album as a whole. One track that does feel a bit out of place is “Blanka ( Sadness of Jimmy Remix),” by arai tasuku. This remix, rather than go for a faster tempo piece or include modern dance elements, opts for a more experimental tone that doesn’t always work. The overall tone of the piece is quite dark and brooding that captures the title quite nicely. However, it does get a bit cacophonic and evil carnival-esque with the inclusion of the piano. Compared to the other themes, it’s quite jarring to go from upbeat remixes to something so drastically different. It might work for some, but it is certainly the most divisive remix, despite its creative take.

The last four remixes on the album are dedicated to the four villains of the game, M. Bison (or Balrog in the West), Balrog (or Vega in the West), Sagat, and Vega (or M. Bison in the West). “M. Bison (PellyColo 2spin Remix),” by PellyColo, is a fun tune that blends 80s synth with chiptune to create a really fun, 80s pop inspired approach. Carpainter’s “Balrog (Carpainter Flying Barcelona Grime Remix)” is another interesting tune that captures the Spanish flavor of the original and blends it with some heavier chipstyle electronic beats. While the chiptune focus is there, there is also a strong focus on the dance side of things, sometimes overextending its stay slightly, but on the whole, it’s still fairly successful. “Sagat (Aureole Remix),” by Aureole, is an experimental remix that isn’t quite successful. There is a lack of focus in terms of the actual melody, although it isn’t entirely absent, compared to most of the remixes on the album and as such, isn’t nearly as engaging overall. As for the electronic tone of the piece, it’s more subdued and makes for a relaxing tune that would perhaps serve better as a closing tune. Lastly, “Vega (K’s “Sweet Nightmare” Remix),” by K’s, closes the album with another strong chiptune dance remix that incorporates some beautiful piano work into the mix as well.


On the whole, Street Fighter Compilation “RE:”MIX Chiptune is a much more successful album compared to the Monster Hunter predecessor. Perhaps this is due to the original source material being more melodically driven or the fact that this is a much more chiptune oriented album compared to the original. For the most part, each remix manages to blend a modern electronic style with chiptune melodies while retaining said melody, however, there are some tunes that feel slightly off from the rest of the album stylistically, but can still be enjoyable to some degree.

Street Fighter Compilation “RE:”MIX Chiptune Don Kotowski

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Posted on April 8, 2015 by Don Kotowski. Last modified on April 8, 2015.

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  1. Cool review. I personally loved the Blanka remix and think it kinda represents the character’s backstory well, but not surprised it proved divisive.

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